For now…

Update:  Final lighting scheme.  Fixed poor spotlight on registry and phaser, and added final detailing to airlock alcove.

Not-so-final, final.

Hope this is a little brighter.  Also added some details into the maintenance panel area.  At this point I should back away stepping very quietly, but after seeing how well the bump map on the ceiling of the maintenance area turned out, I might be forced to add a few more details to the airlock alcove.  Of course once I have a well lit scene I might be tempted to heighten the buzz of the moment with workbees and such…

So much for backing away quietly.  😉

~ by starstation on March 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Final”

  1. Great!!! Too bad you don’y have (as of yet
    ) some suited workmen…:)

  2. Heh. Yeah. It seems in my universe all the people are invisible.

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