Phasers Undergo Maintenance

And a little homage to “The Cage”

“The Cage” nod

Just a few more details added.  I was looking for filler items for a possible greeble farm, but there are a few items that just won’t cut it as simple greebles though.  That phaser bank’s heart and soul needs more.  I always liked the large cannon used in TOS’s pilot, “The Cage.”

I loved how the character Number One suggested rigging to transmit the ship’s power to the large surface based weapon (no idea how that was done).  Whether it was a laser or a phaser can be up for debate for all time, but as powerful as it was, it got me to thinking, “could that actually be one of the ship’s main weapons brought down to the surface for precision application?”  Regardless, I loved the look of the thing and thought something like it would fit in well as a major component of this ship’s phaser banks.

Here’s a shot of the compartment free of the exterior.  This is just the phaser’s primary elements and a wall console (which I’m not to fond of in that position).  I suspect even a single unit phaser bank like this one would require more machinery and take up more space than this, but this is currently all one can see through the compartment’s access hatch, and I am still not certain what all I want in this lower compartment.  I’ll probably add more greeble-like filler features eventually.  And since I was connecting it directly to its innards, I updated the phaser “ball” as well, basing it on a schematic version I’d seen done by another fan artist named Michael Schuster.  He had been working on a very interesting project for a “Constellation Class Technical Manual” a few years back, and it was the most well thought out version of the phaser ball design I’d ever seen.  His version seemed to explain better than any other how the phaser was rotated and thus aimed.  The phaser has 2 axes of rotation perpendicular to one another.  It can swivel 360 degrees at the sphere’s base, while a central equatorial region rotates a fair amount on it’s own, giving it a remarkable field of firing range.

A Phaser’s heart and soul

Here’s a better look at the upper compartment as well.  I had some problems with the greeble bump map I was using on some of these surfaces.  They weren’t showing up initially, but I finally worked that out.  I wanted to add details without breaking the polygon bank, and since these interiors aren’t meant to be as scrutinized as some others I have built, I am fine with bump UVs.

Greebles on a budget

~ by starstation on March 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “Phasers Undergo Maintenance”

  1. Great idea!

  2. interesting! looks great!

  3. Nice review! I personally think Number One brought down one of the ship’s main Phaser batteries for usage as their Laser pistols did not have the power to blast through solid rock (or so they were lead to believe). I also think that star ships of that time-period did in fact have Phasers though miniaturising them for the personnel on away missions had not been perfected/invented yet as they were still using Laser pistols; An issue I noticed fairly quickly with the Enterprise series as Phase-pistols seem to override ToS canon quite frequently. I’d better stop now before I ramble on, lol. Anyways, good job!

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