Not just for bunnies anymore

Lower level maintenance compartment with direct phaser access

I added some more components to the maintenance compartment housing the phaser bank. They are based loosely on a wide variety of Starfleet phaser banks depicted in fan based engineering schematics and inboard profiles.  Typically, they are simplified greebles with a slightly more specific mission;  In essence, they looked “phasery.”

Trek technobabble from the original series and films doesn’t totally make clear all the background processes of ship design, and rightfully so, concentrating on story and character.  That doesn’t leave fans without an itch however.  TOS seems to indicate that phaser banks were rechargeable systems separate from the main power systems, but that they could be drained to incapacity.   TMP outright declares that the new phaser systems are channeled directly through the main engine power to increase their yield, a design choice that leads to its own drawbacks when the engines go on the fritz.  I personally like a blend of both methods.  Energizers as it were, are mentioned and functioned in a number of different areas in both TOS and movie era.  Most of this talk is simply standard issue plot-device dialogue, but… it opens the door. 😀

I figure this new larger unit I’ve place in the compartment can serve as some sort of “energizer” distinct from the long, narrow, beam-emitter portion of the phaser bank, perhaps as a power adapter (direct engine tie in) or a cache for energy channeled from the main engines (rechargeable aspect).  I generalized that is the intent of those stacked rounded boxes, though I shy from outright labeling them “batteries.”  I made this unit as if it had all the standard components of a double mounted phaser bank common on Starfleet vessels, but instead of mirroring all the objects perfectly for such a paired emitter system, I used one side merely as a hold for passing pipes and conduits.

I shifted “The Cage” elements back considerably to increase the full length of the beam-emitter segment.  This way I could add more details to it (though I must admit it’s starting to look a little like a lightsaber 😉 ).  I still need to figure out a way to link the energizer to the beam emitter in a manner that appears genuinely functional.  I also relocated the console to a more reasonable spot.  I didn’t like it by the door to begin with, but was forced to shuffle it elsewhere when I added the new interior framework.

Minor frame adjustments and additions to the upper level.

Not sure what else I’m going to squeeze into these two compartments.  I’ve thought about creating a vertical shaft from one to the other that might house a couple mini fusion reactors or some similar backup power system.  That might be overkill for my primary purposes here though.

And what the heck, another version of the latest docking render with these minor updates in place.


~ by starstation on April 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “Energizer”

  1. Now that’s the stuff! I wonder how a grid-type floor would look? Perhaps similar to the area around the tmp Enterprise transporter pad…idk. If yuo did go that route I think a bump map would be more practical as well.

    • Grid type floor. Hmmm. Like an open grate? that might actually work even better than I thought. Rather than having a large tunnel or singular opening, I could just put a grating in and make the whole thing open to the space below. It would be even more reminiscent of the Enterprise B’s lower decks (part of my inspiration) when Kirk went down below to save the ship in Generations.

  2. could be a combination of both, a capacitor that holds a charge say.. letting out in 1 second phaser pulse is 7 seconds of energy that can be transferred.. so say, the capacitor/energizer holds… 10 shots then needs to be recharged for the next volley thinking of the pulse phasers of TWOK and not continuous stream as in TOS or TNG

    details look great!

    • Thanks. Yeah, that’s sort of what I was aiming for in the recharge realm. The TWOK effect. Of course I always called those “spit” phasers rather than “pulse” phaser. 😉

      I actually like the continuous phasers of the TOS and think they would be served fine as long as the ship’s engines are powering them properly.

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