From The Shadows

Comes light

Finally started working on the outer faces of the pier sections, rendered here so that the new view ports would give a nice stark contrast to the black of space.  I’ve mostly concentrated on the rows of concourse view ports so far, thus the “sprinkle” windows that tend to get their random placement along the surface are not yet in place (other than the those at the far end that have been there a while now).  For them I’ll have to decide on the best locations, rule out any conflicts with planned internal placement, and then carve up the outer skin like a butcher’s diagram of a cow to get sprinkle windows stenciled in properly.  I’ve yet to build any concourse structure for the central innermost dock of the pier, so the view ports on that can wait a little longer.

The only exception I’ve made to the concourse so far is a string of view ports which run along an observation deck inside the the lower docking bay, seen above.  I’ve added a few details to the bay since last I rendered it and I’ll be fleshing it out a bit more soon.  Below, you can see how the windows on the exterior of the station mirror the windows on the angled bulkheads of the observation deck within the landing bay.

~ by starstation on April 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “From The Shadows”

  1. Very cool, Basill. Nice work!!

  2. Thanks so much. Just put up an minor update with many more random view ports in place. 😀

  3. ever just think of doing a glow map and bump map for all the smaller windows? that way you can still maintain your head of hair! (sadly lacking on me… 😦

    Looking good sir !

    • Thanks! I’ve thought about that, but my mapping skills are still just so primitive (looking up some tutorials now actually) and I really want the view ports (on the piers at the very least) to be constructs. I might try that on some (maybe a portion) of the core structures.

      As for my hair, a mere echo of it’s former glory, we are no longer on speaking terms. The only thing I communicate to it these days is “BUZZZZZZ!” It is frequently mowed, like grass, on a regular basis. Whereas, my scalp manages to persist in an ethereal state, continuing to manifest as a mere phantom ghost through a fuzzy (literally) haze.

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