Diving In…

To UV Texture Chaos

I’ve recently begun tackling the pier’s UV textures.  I’m full of ideas but it is all rather mind blowing right now.  Texture mapping isn’t my strong suit.  Here I have the outer shell in some test shots for specularity.

There are two sets of aztecs; one smaller set is repeated uniformally along the surface while another larger set is customized to conform to trends in the surface details, such as view ports, landing bays and docking structures.

The larger and more decorative “detail lines” along the length of the hull haven’t been UV’d yet, though I am working out surface details into the map for them as well.

Resolution is still an issue unfortunately

As pleased as I am with the overall pattern, the map isn’t big enough in resolution to cover the whole surface (and it’s a big image).  It looks good at a distance, but when I try to put in small details (for bay and hatch markings or access panels and warning signs) they just turn out really fuzzy.  The bump map is especially disappointing here.  I’ll probably have to break the entire surface into 3 or 4 individual maps to get the clarity I want, so I might have to just start from scratch all over again.

Baked methods haven’t worked to well for me, but I am still experimenting with them.  Once I break everything up into sections for baking things might start looking better.  Until then I’ve settled on using some nice orthographic renders as references for maps.  At least that way I can get started on knowing what I want and where I want it, but until then the corners will be somewhat messy.

Here’s a smaller example of the ortho I’m using as reference (currently half the actual pixels), which has already seen some drastic changes on the side views.  I’ve made up surface maps for regular surface, specularity/gloss, and an experimental bump that is not yet living up to my expectations.

I was actually surprisingly impressed with the overall appearance of the map along the full length covering the dorsal and ventral sections.  Right now it’s just a regular repeat of the temporary map I was using on the interior section, but it will eventually see refinements as well to ensure that all surfaces match up.  Detailing will also be an issue, especially around all bay doors and the landing platforms I intend to place on top.

Here’s just an older shot of the temporary texture on the inner pier for comparison.  The temporary map actually had some promising details, but it simply didn’t line up with all the details properly, which is one of the main reasons I am going this route.  The final UV map for the interior should be very similar to the outer map with only a few exceptions to account for any external differences.

I’m really looking forward to (and yet still managing to put off) working out some nice UV maps of all the bay doors with their detailing and number assignments.  This is the next possible perspective angle I am wanting to tackle, hopefully with my Miranda class pulled up to its berth, if I can get her up to any snuff in the near future.


~ by starstation on April 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “Diving In…”

  1. Looks good sir! certainly better than my uving ans texturing attempts! I can build anything.. just can’t texture and light worth a darn… ;_;

    could do like Tobias does, and have only a few polys floating over a section and a transparent background for the decals ( markings etc) each decal at there own 3000 resolution so you get some crystal clear markings on top of your regular textures 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! Actually, I thought of that method as a possibilty. I’ve used it myself for markings before. That’s how I did the McCook’s labels.

  2. Texturing……..always OVER my head…:)

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