Space Door Inventory Begins

More UV texture fun

These UV door labels were a fun throw together that I’ve been putting off for some time now.  I was able to squeeze 10 doors onto this single sheet (this is a smaller version of what I used on the model), which cover most of the doors on the maintenance bay level which start on the outer pier and work their way, somewhat counterclockwise, around the entire pier structure.

Doors 08, 09, and 10 are just barely visible in the shot below.  Doors 05 and 12 are the angled doors of different proportion on the ends of the piers, so I left them off of this sheet.  There will also be another 6 doors completing the entire circuit around the maintenance bay.  I will probably put all those doors (05, 12, and 13-18) and any other off kilter doors for the various bays peppering the piers (both large and small) onto a second sheet, if they will fit.

Two birds…

Two birds, one stone.  Here’s a test render of the door textures, allowing me to update one of my favorite angles of the Phobos docking.  Sadly, the doors aren’t too readily standout as they are blocked by some other features in the image, but it still helps add more detail to the shot.  Also of note, I added a touch of weathering to the doors but it seems to have had little impact on the overall show.  I’m still working on some spec and gloss settings though too, so that might be a factor.


~ by starstation on May 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Space Door Inventory Begins”

  1. Nice work Basill!:)

  2. Looks great sir!

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