Cargo Updates

Toying with the McCook’s cargo staging area again

I’ve been updating, editing, and creating new pages for my 3D Starfleet Interiors section (link). Flipping through the files and images had me wanting to play with some stuff I haven’t tinkered with in a while, so my first stop was the McCook’s port cargo loading bay.

I’ve added a few more details (the sisyphean hobby) to embellish the space.  Most notable here is the control console on the far left.  It’s Starfleet standard in exterior opening spaces like this.  I also finally moved the airlock hatch upward a meter or so, and I’m converting it into a full fledged docking ring.  A travel pod will now have enough clearance to dock in this hold if need be.  

In addition to the control console, more of the added details are visible here, with more internal frame members, deck plating on the upper rise (possibly variable-gravity related), and raised padded panels against the forward outer hull (they need some smoothing correction presently).  I also added some of the “Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing” tanks I worked on last winter.  I figured such equipment would be useful in and around the ship’s reaction control thrusters, which are just behind that bulkhead on the right.

~ by starstation on June 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Cargo Updates”

  1. Good to see you back at it.:)

  2. I hear that.:)

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