Smooth Pads

Repaired smoothing errors on the paneled wall padding.

Pods waiting for a nest.

Also brought some cargo pods back in to help break up the big gray space.  I’m thinking about putting more markings on the staging deck in addition to the edge hazard markings to indicate clearance zones and optimal pod placement.  Though they may be capable of carrying more, most cargo trains seen on screen carry 4 pods.  This deck should be able to hold 2 of those trains worth, minimum.  One would want to fill it to capacity between plate lifts (for major cargo operations anyway), and a total of 8 blocked out spaces might be useful, though not crucial.  The result might just look “busy,” but I’ll have to experiment.  I’ll probably put some variable gravity warnings in as well and might even mark the bay P1 (for “Port Bay One”).  The smaller bay at the aft end of the maintenance ring (if I ever choose to build it, would be P2, and the starboard side would of course be a mirror of this half of the ship with its version, “S”.  I might forgo all this as overkill, but I know how Starfleet loves to label things.  😉

~ by starstation on June 27, 2012.

One Response to “Smooth Pads”

  1. Starfleet does love to label things!!! Looking forward to what you come up with.

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