Heatwaves & Renders

…Don’t mix.

Greebles and other details begin setting up camp.

With the southeast firmly set in Summer’s teeth, it’s been a little difficult to get a render out since Friday.  Record high temperatures have put a strain on many systems, and I’ve heard nearby transformers popping like firecrackers this past weekend (which are currently and ironically banned this week due to fire hazards associated with the sheer dry heat).   I only know they’re not fireworks because of the instantaneous reaction of our house’s electrical power scenario at the moment of “POW!” (i.e., dead).  Luckily we haven’t had power go out for more than a minute or two so far, but to a CGI render slowly calculating it’s global illumination light yields and precise bump map contrasts, it spells endgame.  Still, with the deadly storms that passed to our north on Friday night and the fires that have popped up in so many places all over the country, I won’t complain presently living in this tinderbox I’m in.

Even with several failed attempts however, I did manage these few images of the McCook’s loading dock, as I’ve begun adding some much needed greebles and details to the inner surfaces.

The main loading deck now has more markings, and I chose to go with a more simple approach in order to prevent too busy a scheme. I also discovered that even though I could fit eight cargo pods on the deck, maneuvering around them once the deck was retracted would be ridiculously cumbersome.  Dropping them off one cargo train at a time seems to be the best method, so I placed four parking spots for this particular action.  I’ve also added some detailing to the armatures that lower the deck plate in order to reduce their rather plain appearance, as well as alter their surface textures a bit in an attempt to make them appear more metallic.  I still  have a lot of experimenting to do there.  The inboard bulkhead with the docking ring has been detailed to look more functional and I’ve completed crafting said docking ring, using the travel pod’s docking collar for precise compatibility measurements.  I’ve even tried a different variation of the docking hatch itself (also from the pod) since it’s now available to me.

A variation on the docking ring door.

I haven’t decided if this variation of the docking ring doors is what I actually want given the look of the space itself, but ever since creating this particular hatchway for the travel pod I’ve wanted to see how it looked here.  It’s almost certainly an exclusively exterior facing surface similar to most of those seen in extra-vehicular shots from the early films.  The exterior facing doors do have a nice detailing, but I rather prefer the stark angled frames of the interior style doors.  They seem to go better with the numerous angles within the bay.  The debate in my brain goes on.

New light greeble over the maintenance door.

From this perspective you can see more new greebles, including a new light over the maintenance corridor hatch.  I put some similar low-level lighting in the alcove behind the tanks just to make it less “dark cornery.”  It’s not very bright though.

Another updated angle.

~ by starstation on July 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Heatwaves & Renders”

  1. That looks great!

    • Thanks! 😀

      Made some minor updates to the first and third pictures, including posting some labels about. I have plenty more labels, but if I add more I’ll want to make some new ones more appropriate to the setting. Not that they’re easy to read or anything, but I’d know (and I love doing graphics). 😉

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