Tucked Away

Docking ring ready for use

Lots of electrical storms passed through during the evenings this past weekend.  We had a major power outage Saturday night just before midnight with an accompanying surge that killed the internet and cable services into the next morning.  Luckily the splitter box outside took the brunt of it (totally fried) and my surge protectors did their job saving the equipment inside.  Technicians came out and fixed everything up before noon on Sunday.  Needless to say all this interrupted the modeling, renderings, and postings I had planned (delayed my previous posting), but I still managed to get a lot done.

Fully extended with mini-handrails

In problem solving for my folding stair mechanism I used a bit of telescoping on the frame near the bottom to help aid in clearance and ensure the bottom half would fit snug when folded. Alas, I determined that simply telescoping the entire set, step by step, would resolve any and all clearance and conformity issues, though it would be a bit more complex to guarantee all the elements  fit into both extremes of position and could transition smoothly between them.  This is the final result.

Though hard to see above, there are two little flappy door elements providing covering to the alcove which remind me of saloon doors.  Given their shape, they were originally intended to actually be the handrails when deployed in some fashion, but eventually I concluded they were a just a little too small to suffice (and I didn’t really want to go all “Transformers” for final product.  They did make for a good covers though, and still allow for the frame to extend through it when the stairs are out.  After abandoning this cover/handrail feature, I built the handrails first seen in the previous post with the idea that they rotated around some axis through the top stair to best accommodate both its storage and use phases.  I’ve redesigned them here to be a bit tighter and sharper, though they still rotate around that top stair.  It makes for a perfect fit.

Fully retracted telescoping stair set

Here is the set fully retracted.    In this shot the “saloon doors” have been omitted merely for clarity.  I still like the way the folding stairs looked (didn’t have time to render images or post screenshots of it) but after all the effort I put into this version I think this will be the final attempt.


~ by starstation on July 9, 2012.

7 Responses to “Tucked Away”

  1. I dare say that is brilliant.

  2. it is brilliant! and you could use the sides of the handrails to make a cover for the hole!

    • Thanks. I actually intended to use the handrails as covers but decided against it. Still, the covers that are there still hold a similar shape since that was their original mission. 🙂

  3. I once did an Akyazi model many years ago in Rhino. I got as far as the entire exterior but had always intended to do some of the interior as well. I realize now, looking at the detail you’ve put into this, that I never would have done it so much justice.

    Guenther’s original drawings for the Akyazi made it feel real. Your renderings make it feel doubly-so. This totally deserves the treatment of some sort of realtime engine, like UDK, so every wonderful detail can be explored!

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I owe everything I’ve done to Guenther’s amazing original work. I got the bug for this ship with one glance at Guenther’s drawings flipping through his book at a convention. It was brand spanking new at the time and I didn’t obtain a copy for several years after that, but this ship just stuck with me and it’s one of the few I’ve had such passion for.

      I must admit I am unfamiliar with UDK, but I suspect I’d have to cut back on the polygons if I wanted to pursue that avenue. 😉

      • Haha, yeah probably… though having hi-poly versions to start with is pretty useful, since retopologizing would likely be part of the process anyhow and the hi-polys would let you bake normal maps and such.

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