Corridor Stretch

Deck 5 fills out

Stepping back a bit from the cargo area.

Finished some new deck plating for deck 5 and duplicated some corridor sections allowing me to take a few steps back and gain a better perspective of this section of the ship which I’ve been focusing on for so long now.  I finally added the airtight doors (far right) that were planned for the workbee stowage bay and began a new concentric corridor (just opposite the door) which will be the primary passageway for life boat access.  It is further inboard than the cargo corridor which still begins at the end and to the left of this now fully depicted radial corridor.  I added some labels too.

I’d like to eventually do more with the corridor space currently behind the camera, but now that I have this hatch to workbee stowage in place (as well as the docking ring hatch in the loading bay), I’m really looking forward to incorporating that bay into ‘the circuit of habitability’ so to speak.  That should be fun.  😀

I’ve had a number of these elements loosely planned out for some time, but I procrastinated any renders since I had yet to finish the texture mapping of the floor mattes, which is a pretty custom intense task I also procrastinated.  Given the extremely long time to render, I simply didn’t want to waste time on that without having that feature in place, even on test shots.

Here are some older renders of this same corridor before completion.

Closer to the end of the corridor. Straight ahead is the maintenance tunnel.

Turn left at the end for the port cargo corridor

~ by starstation on July 16, 2012.

17 Responses to “Corridor Stretch”

  1. It looks totally great.
    Once again, great job!
    May I know how you create those images?
    They look so incredibly real.

  2. But how about the round lights on the ceiling?

    • Well, I’ve considered those in the past, but I initially modeled the baseline corridor components using reference images from the first film, which didn’t have the round ceiling lights yet. I might add them eventually to some darker corridors, but this particular corridor seems bright enough without them.

      The Motion Picture did have the little “sensor boxes” however, which I managed to model and render previously, but I’ve yet to incorporate them into this particular corridor. I might do that soon too.

  3. That would certainly be a great effect.
    Just one question.
    Say, would you make sometimes the bridge of the Akyazi?

  4. Like the ambient lighting and the reflections (wonder what they’d look like @ Red Alert? 😉 ) – the ‘circuit of habitability’ will be fantastic at this rate!

    • Heh. Not a big fan of red alert lighting, and any new rendering will take at least 8 hours at my present settings, so that might be a project for another day when I can just set it up, go to work, and hope the power doesn’t go out. 😉

      As for the ‘circuit’, I’ve already got some buns in that oven. 😀

      • lol no worries on that then! Your use of lighting and shadows really does add some depth which IMO, is uncommon on interiors I’ve seen. Going back and looking at the renders you did of the Phobos Engineering Bay has me pumped here!

  5. Your development to the bridge, looking very well.
    For this class of ship, I would make the bridge smaller, similar to that of the Reliant, with only one Tubolift.
    You could also install next left side to the tactical console, a dedication plaque and the right side, a fire extinguisher.
    The operations chairs, however, have a narrower head restraint, as the captain chair. For the upholstery, I would take a light gray and the captain chair should then be in a dark gray.
    Would be nice if you continuing yor work the bridge more.

  6. Enjoy your coridor work sir! the new ones don’t look as blown out as the old renders!

    Looking good!

  7. Hello,
    I know this is an old post, but I love the image. We are actually doing a party on wednesday, and the theme in space. I wanted to print a big 3×3 image for the decoration, and the corridor seems awesome for the ambiance.

    I don’t know if you would be willing to do that, but do you think you could send me this image in high quality ? (and if you want a remuneration)

    Let me know

    And again, awesome job 🙂

    • Sorry to say, these are the largest, highest quality versions of these images ever rendered, and I won’t be able to return to this project anytime soon.

  8. Hello, I’m JOIX, a Techno producer from Germany. I like your images and want to use one as cover for a new track by me called “Corridor”. Is this possible? All the best from Mannheim (Germany)! Jörg aka JOIX

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