Hand Rails

A bit on the beefy side…

Railing 1st attempt.  Still no steps up.

I gave the handrails a whirl this weekend, and although I am pleased with the support elements, I seem to have overestimated the railing itself just a tad.My intention was to mimic the rails used in the torpedo bay from Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.  Despite my love for that set however, since it was a refurbishing of the Klingon bridge set from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a great deal of the ‘Klingonesque’ aesthetic survived into the finished set and the final film.  There were a number of pointless jutty angles that a simple coat of ‘Federation’ paint alone just couldn’t hide (but I don’t let it get to me 😉 ).  Still, I wanted to further tone down the ‘Qo’nos ethos’ by removing some of those angles from the rail supports (mostly near the base).  If and when I do a torpedo room for the McCook, I’ll almost certainly mimic the TWOK design while also toning out as many Klingon artifacts as I can.  When it came to the upper rail itself, I thought I would make it look slightly more akin to the main bridge set, but I seem to have given the lathed polygon a bit more width than it needed.  I think the overall result gives a false sense of scale that I’ll need to correct before moving too much further along, especially with no form of stair-steps figured out yet.  The stair location is nearly set in stone, but things are a bit iffy given the lower landing area (imagine walking down a set of stairs and stepping off into the deep space with that door wide open).  I am trying to decide how narrow I’m willing to make them and if I should partially cut into the upper platform in order to clear more depth for them.

I finally began texturing the upper platform also, though like the lower deck, it’s just a bump map added by simple planer projection with no UV mapping yet.  I’ll probably begin to break all the decking into several individual panels eventually, and apply independent UV textures to them.  I now need to add more consoles up near the airlock (at least one, probably just that little wall mount I’ve used in various locations), as well as some wall intercom units and labels.  I actually worked more on label graphics this weekend than modeling.


~ by starstation on July 23, 2012.

9 Responses to “Hand Rails”

  1. looks sweet sir! maybe just copy the design of the bridge hand rails all together, and leave out the “jutty things” all together maybe?

    OH! could I request an image from ya? got a new monitor, and had your McCook at the azure nebula pic as the bg, and on the new monitor it isn’t wide enough (1280 * 768) anything you can do?? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks. I kinda like the idea of the different areas having different railings and such, thus the bridge gets to remain a little more refined (when I actually make one), engineering gets to look a bit more industrial, and this one… well this one will work here and in the torpedo room when I start it. …someday. 😉

  2. EDIT; Never mind… went and saved it again from the original and fit fine… must have croped it for some reason ( old CRT monitor…. very 90s of me!)

  3. You have been so busy that a fella has to “run” to catch up with all these updates of yours! Everything looks great.

  4. Thanks. Strangely, I’ve not been as busy as I’d like to be (with this anyway) and I might be slowing down a bit here shortly, but I’ll try and keep a few things up and running. 😀

  5. Really? It seems that you are cracking this stuff out at a record pace!

    I was wondering two things…

    Are you going to model the inside of that Bee? And when can we see some more of that planetside starbase?

    • I’ve considered the possibility of a workbee interior more than once, but it’s by no means a priority at present. Just recently (since working with it in these renders) I thought it might be a prudent move, but something convinced me I’d probably have to seriously upgrade the workbee itself before going to that extreme. The planetside stuff will surely hit me again, but it’s mostly a mood thing, so I can’t say when. Most likely I’ll see something “planetary” that strikes my fancy or I’ll learn about some new CGI technique which gets that part of my brain itchin’. 🙂

  6. Looking good so far! Never noticed the aesthetic particulars of the railings in the torpedo bay set, yours though look fine. As for the stairs/steps, I’m all for cutting into the upper platform. Even if it was just 3-4, it looks like someone would only have a foot or two of clearance before they fell out that open hatch…..

    • Well, thanks. I’m definitely going to cut into the upper platform by a foot or two, but I am also going to go with a rather steep “ship’s ladder” (similar to the one used in TOS engineering) as that could save even more space. I would have just put the stairs on either end of the platform but I didn’t want stairs to interfere with the console already in place, or the possibility of some sort of maintenance work bench I might decide to put on the opposite wall. Still trying to figure that bare wall out.

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