Quickie Update

A minor correction and some limited extra details

Lower deck plates are now more defined and a new label makes its debut.

I fixed the improper glow settings, and on the lower level I decided to add to some deck plate joints similar to the upper platform.  I placed these directly in line with the visible framework figuring that would be a reasonable set up.  I also added a new label, this time to the door of the rounded compartment visible in the back corner.  This will help me better define the structure itself. 

Here’s the deal.  There is a similar shape present in the published deck plans I source, and I always assumed it was a small storage compartment of some kind.  It was located in the diagonally opposite corner of the bay, but I relocated it to this current position when I started the project a few years ago.  I did this mainly because even early on I planned to relocate the entryway, but partially because I wanted it to be visible with the other prominent features of the bay (it was the only portion modeled and the only angle I could render at the time).  It also suited that awkward corner quite well, especially after I’d employed the wall unit with the glowing slats.  It’s a good thing I did this considering I’ve since changed the dynamic of the bay even more from it’s original depiction.  Most of the other details are roughly where they are in the plans however.  There is another rectangular shape visible in the deck plans listed as “equipment bays,” but I intentionally redesignated this as the environmental suit stowage.  It just fit perfectly and seemed a reasonable assignment given the bay’s role in accessing the ship’s exterior.  The main control console is essentially in the same spot.  The plans also seem to have a workbench type area opposite the other detail elements, and I may put some storage units in such a workbench if and when I ever install it.  Still, if ever the cylindrical compartment was needed for storage, now was the time.  Recently though,  I began thinking about another useful job for this little round closet.

A short time ago I found images online of some cool labels used in later TOS film productions (probably The Undiscovered Country or even possibly the Enterprise-B scenes from Generations); all were either up for auction or eventually purchased.  From what I was able to garner from lot imagery and post-purchase celebration photos, I was able to conjure up some nice new label graphics.  They turned out to be fairly easy as most of them were just minor variations of one another with mostly common shapes.  In a layered graphics program, this allowed me to create several distinct labels by simply changing element colors and customizing individual texts with very minor shifts of the internal blocking.  Some have the hazard diagonals and some don’t, but that feature had its own layer and could be made to vanish in an instant if need be.  Of all the new labels, one in particular struck me as perfect for that rounded compartment, and it now appears right on the roll-back door.

Some older and newer graphics for interior sets.

It’s the one in the center.  After seeing this label for an ” Emergency Environmental Support Module”  I immediately thought of the rounded compartment (there’s a red version too, but I preferred the blue for some reason).  The compartment will continue to serve in some limited storage capacity, but it will now pull double duty having a viable emergency function when precipitated by any of a number of environmental failures.  Just read the instructions, climb in and join the broom and the mop! 😀

Also shown in that image, the center label at the top was the first graphic I tackled, and I placed it in the cargo loading bay first, though it’s not very prominent.  The two most lower left labels are older graphics I did some years ago based on an official sticker book released in conjunction with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (really cool book).  Those two have been my graphics “work horses” for a few years now.  I haven’t had a chance to employ the other new labels yet, but I’m looking forward to it soon.

Only minor additions.

Got yet another view of the platform rendered overnight; it survived some apparent lighting storms while I slept.  This time the lower deck plate has the new joints, so it is not much different, but I wanted to post it.   I am thinking of adding some maintenance covers to the space below the platform and dedicating all that unseen space underneath to the environmental mechanics that serve both this bay and the loading bay on the other side of the bulkhead.  Of course the extendable stairs under the docking ring in the loading bay retract directly into this area as well, but there should also be plenty of room for atmospheric pressurizers and such.  I might put vents similar to those in the loading bay behind the stairwell.  Of course this ship is testing a number of new force field technologies for helping to maintain atmospheric integrity when external hatches are open to space, but environmental systems will always remain a necessity.


~ by starstation on August 1, 2012.

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