“I’m a Doctor, Not a Part 2”

Sickbay continues with the beginning of an examination room.

An early render.

I managed to get started on a new section of the sickbay after a couple of years away.  It’s basically some stuff I’ve wanted to tackle for some time, but knew I needed good reference material and the time to kill to get it started.  I’ve had decent screen captures for a while and I’ve had time, but never concurrently it seems.

I finally buckled down this weekend and started on some greebles I knew could only help the process.  With a single screen grab from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I was able to manipulate one small segment of said image and graphically reproduce a pattern that would serve as a background template in modeler.  I was then able to create some of the set details visible in that very shot.  Essentially, there is a basic structure of several oblong hexagonal frames, typically grouped in sets of six.  The movies’ examination room had a large wall structure with a pair of these groupings.

Background template for modeler.

This frame detailing was used in at least two separate sickbay locations with minor variations, so I chose to combine those variations here in the beginning for purely practical motives, ensuring both versions were realized.

Still, I don’t even really know what this structure with its repetitively framed glow-boxes is supposed to be, but I like how it looks.  Though certainly obsolete by the 23rd century, it is reminiscent of the lighted view boxes radiologist’s use to study their x-Ray transparencies.  Placing it in this diagnostic center may very well have been more than an aesthetic coincidence, but by design this object is clearly more than a lighted mount for see-through pictures of broken bones.  In the first film’s examination room scene it appears to be a unit of storage cubbies lit from within set behind frosted transparent covers.  Inside the cubbies, they shelve graduated cylinders and beakers filled with greenish substances, all blurred by the covers.  In this way it evokes both the X-Ray viewing box as well as classic laboratory icons.  The harsh white surfaces also help induce a sense of sterility welcome in any medical facility.

The Motion Picture screen grab.

In The Wrath of Khan these covers would appear tinted in multiple pastel colors with stenciled graphics and individual number assignments.  Here they look more like monitors, though I’m still clueless as to their function.

The Wrath of Khan screen grab.

The other sickbay examples of this greeble frame motif were located in what was intended and eventually realized as Dr. McCoy’s office.  Here the uppermost frames are totally opaque and filled in with four tilted rectangular wedges, furthering their greeble value but deepening the mystery of their function.  The lower section appears to house cubby compartments similar to the exam room.  They too are lit from within, though instead of a frosted transluscence, the covers have a repeating pattern of flat Fresnel magnifiers adding to their interest.

TMP office shots

Though lit for TMP, these cubbies appear dark in TWOK, making their Fresnel pattern even more prominent.  There are two distinct units in the office on separate walls, both appearing somewhat as mounted cabinets with wide beveled frames.

TWOK office shot

At present, I haven’t committed much to the lower portion.  In this example I simply mirrored the entire upper half as a jumping off point.  Except for screen grabs from The Wrath of Khan (during Peter Preston’s death scene), I haven’t found any decent reference images of this lower portion, and nothing regarding where the structure actually meets the floor.  I left the lower inset bare for the moment, since it sports a more complex greeble pattern and I want to study the screen grabs a little more.  This section is also back lit, probably a flat glowing surface, but it is partially masked by the greebles effectively creating a stencil of light.  I rendered a few new shots of the sickbay, one with the examination room now in place, and another new angle showing the entry wall that I never previously rendered.

The room set in place.

Another sickbay angle with entry door now visible.

I have some good reference images and screen grabs of the opposite side of the examination room where the large monitor and the actual exam table are, but I’ll have to take some artistic license with the connecting walls and ceiling, since I have no real idea how those are set up.  I’m not sure how I will manage the exam table either.  I’m not leaning toward the clear plastic look from TMP.  My gut tells me that would be a CGI nightmare.


~ by starstation on August 7, 2012.

4 Responses to ““I’m a Doctor, Not a Part 2””

  1. oooh! Sickbay!
    Yeah.. this set got little love in the movies.. but I guess its better than “borrowing” voyager’s set for First Contact… owell 🙂

    Looks great sir! hope you finish it!

  2. I’m totally stoked that someone is bringing my favorite Enterprise (sadly scuttled in ST III) back to life! BTW, did you notice that Dr. McCoy (above) still likes using paper in the 23rd century?

    • Thanks! While I’m not exactly trying to recreate the Enterprise per se, she is definitely my primary inspiration.
      I did notice the paper though. 🙂

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