Examination Time

“Well, Bones.  Do the new medical facilities meet with your approval?”

“They do not!  It’s like working in a damn computer center.”

Had some fun this weekend working out some kinks in my new examination room, and there were some definite kinks for sure.

I had established a nice build up based on stage plans for the unrealized 70’s series Star Trek: Phase II.  It’s what I used for the main sickbay area and  the transporter room and they had come in quite handy.  I knew that quite a few sets were actually built for that failed series and were eventually altered for use on the final production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but I  figured the dimensions weren’t too drastically altered for what were essentially cosmetic changes applied to the constructs.  After all, the same sets would remain in use for years to come and see far more radical alterations for their seasons as the The Next Generation- Enterprise, while still remaining structurally faithful (mostly) to the original movie staging.  Still, I had some difficulty reconciling the sickbay details visible in my The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan reference material, from the walls that arose out of the Phase II floor plans.  And without further concrete data, I’ve just had to wing it.  It was certainly a tight squeeze and many details that I knew for certain were present in the movies seemed to collide and grossly overlap with the dimensions set in those floor plans.  While researching for more imagery however, I did come across an old Mike Minor concept image for sets of the Phase II officer’s quarters, which revealed the original intention of the mysterious sickbay “cubby frames.”

Mike Minor’s Phase II concept for officer’s quarters.

I’d seen this image of personnel quarters before, but I’d never registered the decorative shapes in the paneling along the upper wall as those same frames from sickbay (though I had previously noticed that the bed would be the inspiration for the eventual sickbay biobeds).  If the frames were indeed a repurposing of previously intended set decor, then it is very similar to other Phase II set elements that would also make their way into the movie production in a fresh inventive way.  Another good example of this would be parts of the Enterprise cargo holds from TMP which were originally designed for a planned Phase II office scene featuring the never revealed Admiral Nogura.

Before adding too many polygon hoarding details, I tried to get the lighting to suitably match the films though not necessarily perfectly recreate any particular scene.

Nice color shot from The Motion Picture.

This required some nice spotlights that were pretty difficult to aim, so I took some liberties here as well.  The image below took a sweet 43 minutes to render, but the addition of the wall lining greebles upped that time to just over 2 hours for the final image at the top of the page.

Earlier render experimenting with lighting before angular alterations.

When I finally put the greeble detailing in place, I had to widen a number of elements on the back wall to fit the proportions better.  Also, the angles of the side walls simply didn’t work with the upwardly curving end wall, so that portion of the far left wall past the support frame had to be swung out to accommodate it.    This created an angle closer to 90 degrees that allowed for the ribbed detailing to ride the curve up the wall without interference.  It also gave a little more room for the console in that corner.  I said it was packed pretty tight especially after I added the examination table.  I thought that would be the hardest part, but it turned out to be quite a treat to work on yesterday.  I chose to avoid the clear plastic look of the movie version in exchange for a softer looking bedding akin to the beds in the larger area of the infirmary.  It’s not unlike the way TNG would refurbish this bed for Enterprise-D’s sickbay.  I did include the little strip at the base though, that glows of green Lucite. It still needs a little work and maybe someday I’ll do a clear version with the anatomy graphics all laid out.  😀  All in all I don’t know how accurate this is anymore, but I am pleased with the results so far.  Since this will be the basis for sickbays other than the 1701 Enterprise, I’m not too worried.

I managed to put in more wall consoles and monitors with the details but my last render failed sometime in the middle of the night, so I decided to post the top image (with a simple basic console in waiting) rather than delay.  I’ll try another render tonight, and maybe a new shot of the cubby cabinet which has more detailing, now visible in the big monitor’s reflection. 😀


~ by starstation on August 13, 2012.

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