Exam Update

Minor improvements

Consoles and monitors in place.

Managed to get those consoles and monitors in place and rendered, and did a new shot of the cabinetry near the entrance doors with some new detailing.

New cabinetry detailing, not fully completed.

There is some more detailing to apply, but I’m holding off on that currently.  I’m still not sure exactly what the pattern is, but I know it would be the most polygon intensive to implement.  I might just try to fake it with a UV transparency (once I figure out what in the world the greebles are).

After looking over more reference material, I also enlarged the gap between the doors and their frames and adjusted some of the spotlight settings over the examination biobed.  It’s a little brighter and I hardened the edge just a smidgen.  I think it could be bluer too, but maybe that’s just when the medical scanners are in active mode.  Right now it looks fine.  I’m thinking of testing some projection imagery in that particular light since there are some kooky shadows visible in the TMP images, clearly from whatever scanning equipment is hanging over that bed.  What equipment would that be?  I have no idea, but it is implied by the shadows, most notably the dark line that passes over the Ilia/probe (in total lockstep with the scanned image projected onto the large monitor) as she lies on the examination biobed.

I removed the large light panel placed up in the ceiling above the entryway since, now that I look at, there doesn’t appear to be any such lighting in that exam room.  I decided to put a nice spot light up above the cabinet to better match those other interesting spotlights angled on the rear wall.

I’ve yet to begin any graphics for the medical monitors and consoles, but that should be fun. I took these consoles from other various interior sources and simply wiped the previous surface graphics clean so I’ll have to totally redo these in UV. They were all engineering looking and I didn’t want them even as stand ins for these test shots.

~ by starstation on August 14, 2012.

7 Responses to “Exam Update”

  1. HI!
    What was actually on the examination table with the duvet cover?
    Was this not a plexiglass cover, with the figure of a body?

  2. Oh excuse me, please. I’ve missed.

  3. Cool stuff man. i had forgotten about that room.:)

    • Thanks. I think I like it so much because it’s rarely used in the films and we see so little of it. It’s mysterious that way. 😀

  4. Agreed.:)

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