Light-Brite In The Round

My favorite console element from the movies

The rounded science station keyboard joins the group.

Began work on the large rounded section of input keys found on the consoles of bridge science stations.  Thanks to recycled movie sets, most (if not all) Starfleet starships from the movie era have this particular feature.  The Helm/Navigation console has one very similar to this, though the overall panel is reversed and the configuration is apparently distinct.  The light pegs also glow a faint blue instead of green.  this unfortunately means I won’t be able to simply mirror copy the science station and change some colors.

I must first point out that I’m aware this panel is not accurate to movie reference imagery.  I used Phase II set plans just to get a basic layout and test some stencil functions.  The actual studio set production would apply a denser concentration of light pegs (7 rows instead of 5), so I am having to study those screen caps to get an idea of the true patterns used.

Revisiting that low angle again, now with the science station’s main key input in place.

Here are some of the best screen shots I’ve collected and cropped to help in the research.  This is where I count the buttons and try to figure out the angles of the patterned rows.

TMP: Science station- One of the best views from the films, though somewhat obscured by Nimoy’s hand.

TWOK: Science Station- Angle 1.  Good shot but far left still blocked.

TWOK: Science station- Angle 2- Best count of buttons on the far left I’ve yet found.

TWOK: Navigator’s station- Good for counting and helping to distinguish pattern differences between it and science station.

TSFS: Navigator’s Station.  A little fuzzy, but good for a definitive button count on some sections.

~ by starstation on August 24, 2012.

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