Holiday Spread

A Labor Day Buffet

The holiday special: A Labor Day buffet.

Got to work on another science panel: The “Remote Probes” panel.  I also decided to cheat a little and complete a fanned accordion panel for the navigation station by mirroring the science version and tweaking the details.  Specifically, the labels had to be stenciled all over again and most of the lighting for the buttons and indicators had to be “blued.”  I call it a cheat because, to be accurate, though the panels are basically opposite versions of one another, the layout for their accordion buttons is a little more distinct for each panel.  I simply didn’t think it was enough of a difference to completely rebuild the entire thing.  I was also running an experiment on the oval button lights, comparing an older blue UV map to a newer brighter one I completed on Saturday.  The contrast is pretty obvious and I think I prefer the newer version.

A navigational cheat and science station’s remote probe

Beginning to tinker with consoles again.

I also began tinkering with consoles and individual sections of “bridge pie” to get a feel for how these will eventually look.  I’ll try and get a better one rendered tonight sometime, perhaps with more detailing.  😀


~ by starstation on September 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Holiday Spread”

  1. Nice work! They all sure look fantastic.

    • Thanks so much. Have some more more “context” images coming later today as I delve back into my bridge model for a little bit. 😀

  2. Your work looks really great! The Phase II/TMP-consoles have always been my favorites, too. Do you perhaps know the exact dimensions? I’m currently trying to build some of the panels in real.

    • Thanks! I adore these details.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any exact dimensions in my references, but the images I used do tend to give each station’s panels in scale of one another (if not in scale to other stations). I can’t be certain how accurate any of it is though, but most of it appears to be fairly close to the final product by pure sight comparison. My final products I am certain are not accurate, but I can only hope I’ve managed to capture some of that essence I appreciate so much from those original set designers. 🙂

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