Consoles Get Context

Glow tests begin anew

I’ve added some more bridge “pie wedges” and began cutting a new monitor recess.

Testing the buttons upon a console can get tedious as you try to balance placed lighting with luminous surfaces.  Here (above) I am just trying to see how the new buttons look on a console I modeled some time ago.  I initially only brought in one pie wedge to do these tests, but I realized that eventually I am going to have to scale my new console panels with my previously modeled bridge components, so I decided to just begin combining the two models now and finish adding more of the uncompleted bridge details.  So far it’s just the turbolift alcoves, some platforms, and chairs, but I have a number of items that will help me complete all new communications and engineering stations in short order.  I’ll probably try and stick with completing the science station for now though, since it has a very distinct feature with those (supposedly) retractable side stations, and though I have some completed wall monitors for engineering and communications stations (from an earlier bridge endeavor), I have very few console panels built so far.  “One stroke at a time” my brain pleads.

This console has proven useful in the past.  I went with as simple a construction as I could to keep the poly count down, but it is showing some obvious surface errors here in these renders.  So, I began replacing the entire thing yesterday with one I think is of better quality and with smoothed edges, but it has also proved to be quite a puzzle in some areas.  The top portion is nearly complete but the underside is more complex, and I’m having trouble rounding all the edges with the way the corners tend to meet up down there.  I might have to do the entire underside with some sort of spline cage method (not my favorite, but I’ve had to use it in the past).

A step back with minor refinements.

I added glow lights in the turbolift alcoves and matched the color of the monitor hood’s exterior to match the station wall.

A little dark, but it’s still a glow test for the buttons.

Update:  A little brighter.  Still working on the settings and trying different render method types. 

This bottom image is a little dark as I moved the spot light and lowered it’s brightness considerably, but I’m trying to see just how bright I can get the console buttons in order to illuminate the area around them.  Of course, I need more buttons and things can get significantly brighter when I get some monitors in place. 😀

Here are some links to my previous bridge projects.

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~ by starstation on September 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Consoles Get Context”

  1. Command bridge renderings!! I knew those console panels were leading to something! I was always a fan of the darker lit bridge that we saw in TWOK, compared to how bright the bridge became in later films and series.

    • Yeah, I always liked the slightly darker bridge too, especially the portrayal of the Saratoga in STIV:The Voyage Home.
      Sadly, mine is still a little darker than it should be, but then again there is very little there yet.

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