And with more sparklies.

Lower hood finally gets monitors and blinkies.

Got a few more panels installed and got the light level up to something more respectable.  To help with the stark lighting scenario, I added a dim blue tinted spotlight aiming out from approximately where a view screen should be.

Brightened scene with a new light source.

Had a bad storm a few nights back, so I didn’t get to spend as much time on this as I wanted, but I hope to finish up a new version of the console itself and then maybe start some new panels devoted to a communications station.  I tend to find those panels less interesting since most of them seem to boast more data readout indicators and have fewer interactive features.  Mostly I’ll just have to crank out their visual maps on my graphics program, though there are a few buttons and sliders to model.  I’ve already completed the console’s single most interesting (in my opinion) feature: the “Internal Communications” panel, complete with blinkie toggles and buttons.

Changed some other surface settings, but not totally pleased with them yet.

I also need to start working more on the monitor insets.  I started with the lower one to better gauge the console’s juncture at its base, and because the communications station only has that one lower inset with a single flat readout panel mounted above.  This upper readout panel hosts several different functions and I’d already completed one of those some time back, so this was all I needed to complete the communications basics.  The science station, on the other hand, has two separate insets in stacked configuration, both with mounted hoods.  The Science station’s lower monitors and details are close to completion, however I’ll have to do some fun Boolean work to get that upper inset installed, then I can begin providing individual monitors and other minor details.

I changed the surface settings for the metal on the chairs and platform rims, but I am not too happy with the reflective qualities so I’ll have to look into that some more.  I might start working on the railings too in short order since I had such good success with the one I lathed for the workbee bay. 😀


~ by starstation on September 9, 2012.

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