Clumsy Fixed

And a new console installed.

Alcove light fix in place.

New console with softer edges.

I fixed the missing lights in the turbolift alcove in short order and decided to spend some time working on the newer console, mostly trying to resolve the difficulties experienced while attempting to round the edges.  I managed to get much further along than I anticipated, and though the underside is not perfect, its deficiencies were inconspicuous enough that the upper portion could make its debut.

Rounded edges are more visible closer the camera.

The new rounded edges are subtle, but I prefer them to the sharp unrefined corners of the temporary stand-in.  Also the upper dark surface is raised slightly above the surrounding frame, though it is almost impossible to see here.

Though the science station still requires a few more dummy panels and its side consoles to be considered complete (by me),  next up will be to complete the panels for the communications and engineering stations.  I may even start with some easy and repetitive like the greeble filled insets that line the wedges’ overhang.  Each wedge appears to have two such large insets, usually filled with a large molded greeble detail, though several near the main view screen were apparently empty during _The Motion Picture_ and subsequently filled for _The Wrath of Khan_ onwards.  Either way, said feature could be crossed off the “to-do list” in one action. 😀


~ by starstation on September 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “Clumsy Fixed”

  1. Fantastic!!

  2. so.. all the little buttons are rounded cylenders? what the hell is the poly count on this thing???? SOOO many cylinders and spheres.. they just EAT polys… 🙂

    This looks just SO awesome! and please post up on Scifi Mesh more often.. I sometimes forget to check this site! (soory!)

    • Uh… it is a pretty high count. I did manage to reduce them to the bare minimum however, being that they are mostly transparent and using the subpatch function, which helps smooth out any rough edges. Still, lots-oh-polys. 🙂

  3. I shudder at the thought of how many polys would make up one of your completed bridges 🙂 Nevertheless, this is looking good as always.

    • Ooo. Sorry for the late reply, and many thanks.

      I shudder too every time I add something new. It’s like camels and straw with me sometimes. 😀

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