A Brief Step Back

For overhang greeble details

A step back for a wider view.

Last night I concentrated on the inset greebles and lights contained in the overhanging portions of the wall sections.  I’m not exactly sure what to call them.  Eaves?  Soffits?  Something tells me “overhang” is a little imprecise, but either way, that’s what they do.  I made sure the lights were glowing, though they are not as fully detailed as they were seen to be in The Wrath of Khan (the lights or the greebles for that matter). Even though they are emanating their own light it’s not very bright on the underlying geometry with global illumination.  I’ll probably have to add some hard light sources in layout to get them to look more genuine.  I’m not sure they all need to be turned on simultaneously either.  I’m not sure they were even lit in the first two films with the exception of those two close up shots during the Kobayashi Maru test.

Greeble focus during the Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Though they were definitely a bright light source in The Search for Spock, they were lit in a mostly alternating on/off sequence, with a few exceptions for  some color variation.  The Grissom also had this alternating arrangement as did the Saratoga from The Voyage Home, though that bridge was delightfully dark by comparison (and appeared to alternate between bright white and a very dim red). 😀

Alternating lighting sequence and color variation in The Search for Spock.

I also managed to get the doors and their labels in tincture sync.  Before changing the backings to match the turbolift doors, I saved the original color settings for those backings on an inconspicuous polygon under the platform in case I didn’t totally go for it.  When I first attempted to alter the door labels for the previous render, I think I accidentally used those old RGB color settings of the backing instead of the door color.  Last night I simply redid the entire label using a recently acquired image from a prop auction as reference.  I even used its color as a baseline to put all the others in sync, though it might still be a tad dark.  Now all I need is an “A” above the label, which should be easy enough to stencil in.  I just didn’t have time last night.

I might begin working on the radiating ceiling fins this evening, and I think I’m close to finally assigning the decking its UV texture.  Been procrastinating that one for a while.  I need to get it decided upon before I put too many more pie sections in place (the main reason this is the step back limit- there’s nothing else to see 😉 ).  Also the step down platforms for the captain’s chair and helm/navigation station need their metallic boarders, something I ignored since I hadn’t had any full shots yet.

Communications can then be my next focus.  It shouldn’t take too long since I’ve garnered some experience with the other two stations and most of the textures are already complete for that set up.  I will want to complete the science station’s extendable side consoles before I begin on the helm/navigation station.  Quite a task ahead, but I’m happy with all the difficult stuff I’ve managed to set up so far. 😀

~ by starstation on September 18, 2012.

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