Science Station’s Sliding Sides

Roll out the consoles!

Roll out consoles in place, but currently rather blank.

Now that I have successfully planted a beer themed polka in a brain or two (you know who you are 😉 ), I must say am very happy with the results here, though unfortunately, it wasn’t intended to be revealed so early and incomplete.  Someone suggested that all the scene’s shadows were too intense (I agreed), so I went for a testing of a few lighting methods and the final render ended up taking an enormous amount of time to complete, which ate up a lot of my modeling time this weekend. I tried the scene lit with dome lighting and shadow mapped spotlights, all with Global Illumination active.  Sadly, and 10 hours later,  the end result was far brighter than I intended and only fared moderately well with the Layout exposure controls.  It dimmed well enough, but lost a lot of depth and contrast.  It was so off the mark that I decided I had to try and do a couple more renders by varying methods in an attempt to salvage the final product.  I went again with the above lighting scenario, but this time without Global Illumination, and tried another GI render with nothing but the self illuminated objects in the scene glowing to brighten their immediate surroundings.  Those two methods took a much shorter time to complete, and I was able to layer the two subsequent renders over a version of the original while tweaking their opacity, exposure, and saturation levels to interesting effect (I think).  It may seem like a vain task, but I really didn’t want those 10 hours to go to waste and I saw some definite potential in the image, even though the modeling was incomplete.  I really love the lighting here, but unless I find a quicker method I won’t be able to follow that recipe for mere test renders.

Though I haven’t managed to finish the panels and graphics that will be sported on these retractable additions, I was able to start on those features when I got my rendering woes out of the way, but there are only so many hours in a weekend.  I also misinterpreted some screen shot images I was referencing and built in a short riser at the back side of the consoles, that is apparently not remotely there.  I’ve decided it probably isn’t worth a full on fix this go round.


~ by starstation on September 24, 2012.

4 Responses to “Science Station’s Sliding Sides”

  1. Looks really great!
    The viewing angles. you have chosen are also great!
    The only little thing that I noticed was that in the original, the head restraints of the other seats are narrower than that of the Captain.

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, the head restraints are not currently in keeping with set design, but also, the cushions on the back of the crew chairs have far fewer individual cushions than the captain’s chair as well. Not only is his a different color (in The Motion Picture anyway) it appears he has better lumbar support!

      When I initially made the chairs I started of course with the captain’s, and I was so burnt out when I finished, I simply made a duplicate of it and altered the upholstery color to distinguish them. Eventually I intend to incorporate the more significant differences into the crew chairs, but for now I’m fine with it.

  2. Looking good. What’s next?

    • Thanks Road. Haven’t had much time this week, but I was able to start on some details of the side console panels last night. Specifically, the two on the left. The panels on the right will require some tweaking on a set of the accordion/Lite-Brite pegs, since I don’t intend on customizing an entirely new one for that panel. It’s a fairly simple rectangular spread and won’t be too much trouble. I may get to the graphics elements this weekend, but there may not be much left in the 2D realm for this station.

      If I get industrious this weekend… I might start on some other wedge stations, those where the operator has to stand, or I might give the helm a little bit of attention (though I doubt it) With limited time, I just have to go with what my gut demands. 🙂

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