New Backing

Crew chair variation finally gets a go.

Crew chair backing with its less complex pattern. Update: Brightened a little.

I finally broke down and began building new seat cushions and a head rest for the slightly different crew chairs of the movie era bridge.  It wasn’t as hard as I’d feared but I think there is still some work to do as they do not look as fluffy and comfy as real seat cushions tend.

18 hours later…  Another DP Light test, this time with global illumination on. 

I also did a test to see how long the new DP Lights would take to render in full global illumination.  18 hours later, I got this image above.  Not bad but not my best.  I have a feeling I won’t be patient enough to wait for these kinds of results, so I did another couple of “blend renders” (the 2 below) to produce the image at the very top.  It took less than half the time.  It’s still a little dark, but I was trying to limit the crazy glow effect I’ve been getting in some of the tight nooks and crannies with global illumination.  The top image was a quick throw together, so I should be able to tweak with the exposure settings to improve the overall blend.  I’ll try and update this top image in short order.  Besides, I like night shift images. 🙂

I did take the effort to place a nice brushed metal UV map on the arm rests (the same one I use on the corridor cover panels), though it’s hardly noticeable in the darker images.  The blurred reflectivity is much more noticeable in that brighter, totally GI image.  There are also some minor improvements to the engineering and science station graphics.

Simple scene with DP Lighting and no GI.

Scene with GI turned on.  There is one soft DP flood light off camera with remainder of lighting from UV graphics and surface luminosity.


~ by starstation on October 24, 2012.

9 Responses to “New Backing”

  1. Wow! Looks great….as usual.:)

  2. Thanks bud. It’s slow going these days, but I hope to get some more done soon. 😀

  3. Wow, your accuracy and attention to detail are stunning. Are you intentionally creating a hybrid bridge between Star Trek’s I and II? While this looks mainly like it is from TMP, there are definately elements that we did not see until WOK. I love your work.

    • Thanks! Obsessive compulsive has its uses. 😉

      I am actually hybridizing things to a degree, since I’m using all of the first three films as reference materials. I like cherry picking that way. 😛

      TMP is the baseline, but I’ve leaned TWOK for the lighting, the decking, the independent station sections, and a lot of the graphics. There may even be a touch of TSFS in there already, though it is still way early. There will be more TWOK and TSFS as things progress (especially in the way of wall greebles), but TMP is the baseline and I want to finish as much of that as I can before I go into too much detailing. Of course… I’m not good at that. 😀

  4. When can we expect more planetside starbase stuff?

    • Good lord, I haven’t a clue. 😉 Working on my helm station right now. It’s rare that I have focus. Though that’s burnt a number of brain cells out this weekend for sure. 😀

  5. excellent work – you are a magician !

  6. Hahahahahaha -focus? What’s that? 🙂

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