Course Set…

Though warp speed is not quite ready to engage.

New helm & navigation station takes its place.

I managed to get the helm & navigation station set up in the center of the bridge and I am very pleased with the results so far.  Still a lot of work to complete it however.  I couldn’t tell if this was easier or if I just learned enough on the other consoles to get this one built with less complication.Don’t get me wrong, it was a doozy to put together, but I seemed to have some tricks up my sleeve this time that eased composition into a single day’s work.  Hardly any of the station’s panels are completed currently, though I did think ahead and got the fan-spread, Lite-Brite, accordion buttons worked out when I started all the others station console details.  It was prefabricated and ready to install. 😀  With that single exception, I’ve often found many of the other station’s panels to be relatively unremarkable and boring (though some have merit), but I’ll start on them in short order.

I might have to extend the central platform forward a little as well, as I think it might be a tiny bit short behind the chairs given the placement of the large console at the platform’s front edge.  Those tiered central platforms went through several changes between the first two films, as they were much more complex in The Motion Picture.  I went for the less confusing (and yet more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion) version from The Wrath Of Khan onward.  Still, I was using fan based drawings to plan my dimensions and just learned that the front edge of the helm’s platform isn’t straight as I modeled, but slightly curved much like the console itself.  So, that will need attending either way.  It will be an easy fix, the only drawback being the need to remap the UV surface texture.

Pay no attention to that oblivion behind the view screen.  Oh wait, that’s nonexistent too.

Sadly, this image is somewhat (i.e. excruciatingly) darker than I’d hoped , but the spotlight was tighter than I realized and there is no global illumination activated.  This was the only forward facing shot I had time to pop out as the weekend wound down.  Also at this time, nothing but some lower decking and magically suspended hand railing exists beyond this point, so there is no lighting setup or contrasting features to help discern the upper portion of the console yet.  Thus, the image was a mild disappointment when I awoke this morning, but I decided to post it anyway.  I’ll try and get it updated this evening.

There are some other changes I made in the overall bridge as well.  I narrowed the science station’s side consoles, and I shrank all the chairs a tad, as I began to realize they were slightly over sized.  My continued research has also cried foul since a feature I’d dismissed as a sloppy addition in the later movies turns out to be right there in the first film all along.  It proved difficult to recognize with the film’s crisp new sets and lighting scenarios, as well as Robert Wise’s characteristic “background blur.”  Just under the upper platform which surrounds the entire bridge, the lowest deck has a type of tall smooth molding set beneath the platform’s recess, curving upward from the deck to meet the platform above and catching the indirect lighting mounted underneath it.  It is awash with that light and appears well sealed and nearly seamless.  It’s like I had to look at these images a thousand times to actually notice it, but it was under my nose the entire time.

Here is the molding, plain as day, but soft enough to go unnoticed.

Here I mistook it for a sloppy addition to the original Enterprise’s final film.

When I first noticed the molding in The Search For Spock, I couldn’t figure out what it was exactly, but it looked like something haphazardly added to help cover up some behind-the-scenes detail, like structural framing or set wiring (something they didn’t always treat so well; see example below).

Note: Exposed set wiring between Capt. Esteban and Dr. David Marcus as the set portrays the USS Grissom in ST III.

The molding was so smooth and seamless in the first movie, it never caught my eye.  But considering that the bridge set was brand spanking new for TMP, and had undergone considerable reorganization portraying multiple ships in both TWOK & TSFS, it’s now easy to see why that feature might have appeared slightly unkempt on the bridge’s final presentation as Kirk’s beloved Enterprise.  We’ll just blame it in on ship damage and Khan’s vengeful efforts to control the galaxy. 😉

Either way, I’ll have some fun figuring out the dimensions and mechanics of adding that feature soon enough. 😀


~ by starstation on October 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Course Set…”

  1. darn it! now I’ll see that wire every time I watch it! ACK! 😛

    looks great sir!

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, it’s hard not to notice it once you have. Bwahahaha! (twirls his villain mustache). >:)

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