Minor Update: Helm

Brightened that dark image a bit.


I did a GI render from that angle and did a nice overlay to help update that extremely dark image.  It’s not much but you can see the shape of the upper console now.  😀


~ by starstation on October 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “Minor Update: Helm”

  1. It looks really great so far.
    Are you planning to install the control buttons on the armrests of the captains chair?
    You should also install the control monitors behind the turbo lifts.



    • Thanks!
      Actually, yes. I’ve been looking over as many viable screen shots as I can find to reference those captain’s chair buttons. I don’t think there is any significant variation in either side, so luckily I’ll only really have to develop one and duplicate it for the opposite side.
      Not sure what “control monitors behind the turbo lifts” you’re referring to. I’ve yet to build any actual turbolift compartment (someday though). However, I’ll definitely be adding the little greeble boxes next to the lift doors. They weren’t in TMP, but I totally like them. Despite their location, I was never truly certain of their purpose. It was only recently with HD screencaps that I was able to make out any details, confirming their specific turbolift system affiliation. 😀

  2. Hi!
    I’d like to give you some advice for the panels from the command chair.
    If you interested in you could send me your e-mail address again.


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