Standing Room Only

Upright station gets a go.

Newest pie wedge (far left): The internal security station.

Dark I know, but here is another mere exploratory render, as I have completed the most complex model features (the hooded monitors) of the first stand upright station.  An all new pie wedge known as the internal security station,  I’ve placed it in its original location from The Motion Picture, just counter-clock of the engineering station (far left of the image).  In subsequent films, internal security would be moved directly behind the captain’s chair as part of a major reshuffling of several stations including the engineering and science stations.The hoods took most of my weekend efforts, but luckily I had completed a similar station on my previous bridge set, and after my recent experience on the sit down station hoods, things went fairly smoothly.  I was able to use elements from that previous version, most notably the UV graphics for the monitors and the baseline version of the lower hoods themselves, which I was able to refine with newer Lightwave tools.

I also made some adjustments to the helm station after more research, pushing it forward and rounding out the front of the platform base (which of course you can’t see here 😉 ).  Unfortunately, I clumsily left the large glow buttons (placed in separate layer that allows me to control the shadow casting of objects) in their original location, so they appear to be floating effortlessly just a foot or so from their assigned control panel.  I forgot to add any new spotlights to the new station too, but since there are a plethora of mistakes I’ll just fix it all in subsequent blend renders.  I’ll probably complete the remaining monitors and the control console (which is currently just a primitive stand-in) before I do any further render attempts.  I really want to get some more panels on the helm and captain’s chair in short order as well.  I did some more research on the captain’s chair buttons this weekend with some help, and it would be unquestionably easy to fix.  But sometimes my brain hates tackling the easy things as a ‘waste of precious time.’  Alas, no matter where I invest it, I still always manage to run out of it. 😉

Maybe I’ll just set up one weekend to do an easy greeble marathon and I can jump on a large number of detail items at one time.  That’s the method I used when I began modeling/surfacing the control panels which jump started this whole bridge project in the first place. 😀


~ by starstation on November 5, 2012.

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  1. excellent realisation – keep up the good work !

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