Screen Savers

Security style.

Another test shot after a few fixes.

Okay, so I decided to do another test shot much sooner than anticipated (promises, promises…), but on Monday night I was able to complete a few unfinished features of the standup console and fixed a few problem issues from the last render.  I had little else to do while biting my nails on election night Tuesday, so I set the render in motion and this is pretty much what I woke up to Wednesday morning. 😀  After a second render and tinkering with some exposure settings, I layered the two different renders and blended them for this shot.  I was pretty pleased with the overall effect.Monday, I was able to finally flesh out the rounded edges of the stand-up console, though it took a bit of a cut-and-paste effort, since the rounder tool didn’t always approve of the geometry as the structure continually evolved.  I now look forward to getting the remaining control panels fleshed out (along with those silly captain’s chair buttons I keep putting off).

The station’s monitor frames were a quick and easy adjustment but I needed some graphics to texture them with.  Movie bridge screens often displayed active animations in the first three films, but occasionally, not-in-use monitors were seen glowing a singular color contrasting with a dark static emblem at its center.

The security emblem was at times seen on the department’s equivalent station monitors during Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This emblem was in fact its departmental logo, dependent on the station’s assigned function (designs credited to Lee Cole, lead graphics designer for Star Trek: The Motion Picture).  I’ve studied many screen captures, and this approach seems most prevalent in TMP, at the internal security and communications stations (different emblems from different departments of course) though I’m certain there is at least one instance of the Weapons & Defense departmental logo seen in huge form at the weapons console.  This instance however, was the reverse of a black emblem on glowing color background.  I already have the communications logo displayed at its namesake station, and I thought this security graphic would be a nice first step to getting the monitors rendered in a powered-up yet standby state, at least until I can work out some other graphics that would better fit the station’s duties.

I worked on a project a few years ago recreating a variety of Starfleet cargo labels and one of my versions sported the security department logo.  I was able to access the Photoshop document I had originally produced and alter a few layers to create a relatively simple background for the security station’s five screens.

As mentioned, the image at the top is two different renders blended together.  I did the first render as a non-global illumination, and did a second GI version (which took much longer) with all but a singular layout light deleted.  It’s the soft blue flood light hidden off camera mimicking the glow of main view screen.

I might get some more worked out this weekend.


~ by starstation on November 8, 2012.

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