Ceilings Or Hubcaps?

Wheel covers in space…

A starship ceiling and it’s unmistakable radiating structure.  Updated with GI layer.

Decided to start work on the bridge ceiling elements, mostly just get them out of the way.  Still needs some adjustments, but I’m pretty pleased with the turnout so far.  Though I’ve heard conflicting stories, I recently read somewhere that the late Mike Minor, a major production designer during the early Trek movie era, was inspired by some wheel covers on a car sitting in the Paramount parking lot.  I thought that was more than interesting as I’ve been fascinated by wheel covers for some years now, and how often they remind me of Federation style.  🙂

Updated: Added a global illumination render layer so the shadows are not quite as harsh now.  😀

Since the majority of the bridge hasn’t even been built (as the top and bottom right side corners reveal), it will be difficult to get many angles like this, but I wanted to get a glimpse of it before moving on.  I probably won’t include it in the next few renders as I concentrate more on individual stations.  The central doodle-dangle dome is currently just glowing white.  It had a somewhat frosted appearance in  STIII: TSFS, but for the first two films, it was completely transparent with glowing green elements at the  fringe of its base.

The two variations of the hanging bridge dome at the center of the bridge’s ceiling.

Since I don’t even know where to begin making it into that first version of the bulb, frosted will have to do for the time being, and I’ll have more to study up on regarding that feature.

I’ve also tweaked my previous render after adding a few console elements and dimming the opacity of the global illumination layers, even deleting certain elements that simply overwhelmed in brightness.  I also tried to add some glow effects to some of the visible light sources to make them look more convincing, especially after the GI dimming.  I finally built the captain’s chair buttons, but they didn’t make it into this latest render, and they are just out of sight in the top image.  Update: Had a new render waiting for me when I got home from work, complete with captain’s chair buttons! 😀

Redo revisit.  Update:  Captain’s chair control buttons.


~ by starstation on November 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ceilings Or Hubcaps?”

  1. Nice work!!

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