Minor Panel Update

A few new details and added lighting.

Minor panel update

I did a minor update on the previous angle with most of the newly modeled auxiliary panels in place and added some lights to brighten up those dark shadows a bit from the last render.  I’ve also started putting some graphics in the damage & control station monitors.  These two beginners are just the ones I had on hand: one of the Akyazi class McCook I’ve worked on for years, and the other is a repeat of the inner-workings graphic already displayed at the engineering station.  I’m sure I could find more “filler” images in the rest of my files, or even downloadable cheats might suffice.  But if I want to follow this Akyazi class theme I’ve begun, I will have to complete new images from scratch as, at present, I don’t have any other custom diagram images of the McCook from any other angle.

As I’ve worked on the damage & repair station, I’ve noticed a few inaccuracies that I’d  originally thought I could overlook, but might need some revisions the more I see them.  The console itself is slightly wider than it should be as the left side needs to be brought in towards the center of the section by a few inches.  At first I was willing to overlook it, but as I’ve added the panels and the wall mounted greeble it’s beginning to bother me.  Still, it would take reworking the section’s back wall and re-lathing the inset’s frame.  It’s not currently a priority though.

One thing I can’t ignore however, I had intended on doing a full render of the communications station, but realized when I put my newly modeled panels for that location in place, they did not match up with the dimensions of the console at all.  When I began the three main sit-down stations, I ignored the fact that most of these consoles are actually unique from one another to some degree.  I thought I could swing by using a single version to represent them all despite this fact, but it has become a literal shortcoming for communications since I built its instrument panels simultaneously, in proper orientation to one another, and based on the original designs.  Squeezing them into place would also be a tacky failing as some of the panels’ angles must be oriented to some of the angles of the console itself.  So, I have no choice but to go back and recreate a new console for at least that station alone.  The remaining two stations seem fine as is though, and I won’t be revisiting their points and polygons anytime soon. 🙂

Hopefully I can begin the helm & navigation instruments this weekend.


~ by starstation on November 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Minor Panel Update”

  1. Perfect as usual….:)

  2. Hi friend!

    It looks really great.
    You currently have to install a dedication plaque at one point?

    • Thanks.
      I hadn’t planned on installing a dedication plaque on this particular model, since I never saw one in the early movie era sets. There may be room for one later on some other bridge incarnation of these design elements. I like dedication plaques and all, and I know TOS Enterprise had one, but I am not as big a stickler for them as the TNG era seemed to be. If this ship has one it’s probably just at another location.

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