Bridge Station Graphic Art

Some new and some old, but all finally relevant.

I did a couple of quick line orthos of the McCook based on some Akyazi and Arbiter class scans I found online. The McCook is mostly a blend of those two awesome designs by Todd Guenther.

akyazi_eng-Fore_grn_smFore view of the McCook.

akyazi_eng-prt-grn_smPort side view.

akyazi_eng-grn_smOriginal dorsal-angle master systems display, edited for color match.

With the scans in my graphic editor’s background I was able to trace new white-on-black line drawings for the ship that, while imperfect, would be suitable for the bridge’s damage & repair station.  This is similar to the method I used for the McCook’s master systems display (MSD) I did a while back, though in that instance I only relied on the background for outlines and some detail placement.  With the new tracing’s finished I was then able to alter the base white by ‘colorizing’ and introducing any hue I desired.  I wanted a slightly deeper, richer green this time, and so I also chose to edit the color of the MSD to better match the new drawings. I used the same scale as the MSD, but because it was a somewhat emblematic, more stylized diagram, this makes the new drawings’ lines considerably thinner by comparison. The new lines range from a mere 1 to 2 pixels depending on their function as an outer border or an inner detail.  However, since these drawings were meant to be a more accurate representation of the outer hull and would only be seen at some distance, I didn’t feel this was a problem.

These are only the first two orthographics to supplement the MSD, and I will need at least one new dorsal view of the outer hull to come close to matching the style of bridge shots from the early movies.

Below are a few more items which, though a bit older, will hopefully have their own bridge stations soon.

Support_Station_smEnvironmental Engineering: Atmospheric test graphics.

Gas_Solid_Liquid_smEnvironmental Engineering: Recycling diagrams.

The two graphics above belong to the yet constructed environmental engineering station, another of the occasionally attended, stand-up consoles planted around the bridge’s upper platform. I did these two graphics long before my more recent project dedicated to several maintenance stations, including some elements from environmental engineering.  Now that the newer environmental engineering graphics are nearly completed, I thought it might be nice to show these off too.  I did this pair separately during an earlier attempt to reproduce bridge graphics.  I really liked the upper one, having seen it in several bridge incarnations, and that was all the excuse I needed to attempt it.  The lower one had a single diagram (Gases) that also shows up in The Motion Picture on a major engine room console aboard the Enterprise.

tmphd0436An engine Room console with “Gases” diagram.

Sec_Eng_Console_2_smAttempt to reproduce engine room console with “Gases” diagram.

So essentially, it was a perfect choice for some of the 3D engine room interiors I’ve worked on in the past.

Telemetry-Pulsar_Arrays_smGraphic used aboard the Reliant in STII:TWOK.

The above graphic was seen aboard the USS Reliant in The Wrath of Khan. Designated “Telemetry Array” on screen, it was the interface/monitor segment for one of two large add-on modules flanking that bridge’s turbolift alcove, meant to cover a significant portion of their set wedge’s back walls.

reliant_arraysScreen caps of Reliant’s array graphics.

As the Reliant bridge was merely a redress of the Enterprise bridge set, those modules added greater variation to the redress, and could (and eventually would) be happily exploded for bright and dramatic effect, with little to no permanent damage incurred to the original set. 😀  Sadly, even with HD screen caps, other than some of the largest print, I’ve never been able to pick out most of the text labeling this station’s indicators.  Eventually I began making things up, though I never completed this task.

Tractor_Beam-1_smTractor beam graphic:  Though intended for the bridge, it never made it to that set on screen.

This graphic above has always looked fascinating to me, but although Phase II had intended to include a specially dedicated, tractor beam control unit just aside the bridge’s main engineering station, it never made it to any of the filmed productions.  According to the “Enterprise” Flight Manual, the unit’s fold-down-to-access mechanism would not have been constructed until a script demanded it for a particular episode.  Since production was halted on Phase II before filming could even begin, this never happened.  The graphic did however make it into The Motion Picture, aboard the doomed Epsilon IX communications station, in the background of its control center.  It also made an appearance in The Wrath of Khan inside the dilithium crystal chamber where Spock would eventually sacrifice himself to save the Enterprise crew.  Outside of adding some Reliant like ‘sacrificial module’ or some other non-canon feature, it probably won’t be easy to get this particular graphic introduced to the bridge set.  However, I did use this graphic in the Phobos engineering room a while back.


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