Viewer… Ahead

And Happy Holidays!

movie_bridge_032e2Main view screen finally emerges from my modeling mayhem during my holiday break.

Happy holidays to all (barely under the wire), and I am happy to present my main view screen finally constructed and doing… viewer things.  Alas, I’ve noticed a few discrepancies with the alignment of the molding that lines the base of the wall sections and a few of the supports for the railing.  Unfortunately those elements are already set up in their own layer and just don’t appear to be perfectly in sync with these newer wedge sections as I add them into the round. I’m not quite prepared to alter the positions of these details just yet, much less commit them to any as yet unanchored larger section. I suppose once I have all the individual segments in place, I’ll be able to bend and shift all elements until everybody is happy.

Either way, the viewer was quite a task and I am very happy with it. With my recent findings regarding the two faced view screens from the films, I decided it wasn’t necessary to be perfect and I could lean either direction that pleased me. At damage & repair, I have a few of the new orthographics in place too, as well as an all new monitor on the gravity control station.  The graphics attempt for that particular monitor is not yet complete and has been a little difficult given I have no idea what the heck it actually is or how it really looks in detail.  I used a section of the McCook’s upper MSD as a temporary stand in and I’m not too pleased with this approach, but it’s just a cheat and will have to suffice as the monitor’s subject in the mean time.


~ by starstation on December 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Viewer… Ahead”

  1. Have you considered creating a virtual tour of your bridge? Yours would be the first for the movie version.

  2. I haven’t really considered it as of yet. If I understand the term “virtual tour,” I’d have to admit I don’t exactly (currently) have a clue how to go about that. What I do susect is involved would probably take 350 years to accomplish with my equipment. 😉

  3. It is doable. The search “how to make a 360 virtual tour” provides an array of options. It will take a lot of time and effort, but then what doesn’t. Several sites have tools for tour creation that helps make the process simpler for no cost or minimal expense. Like anything we do as a hobby, it depends on our desire, budget and skill-set to make it happen.

    What I have seen on your blog rivals the studio talent using pixels or plywood:’s_Chair

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