Gravity Graphics

An attempt to mimic the gravity generator monitor

Grav_Gen-1grn-smGravity generator control schematic.

I buckled down and tried an earnest attempt to mimic the gravity control station’s monitor schematic, originally conceived by Rick Sternbach. From what I’ve been able to coax out of the few murky images I have for reference, it is most likely a cutaway diagram of some primary or typical generator device. Those fuzzy images have forced my hand in terms of artistic license, and I can only hope my interpretation is decent enough to suffice at a fair stand back. While I didn’t find it as clumsy as divining entrails, I am reminded of 19th century planetary astronomers trying to map and catalog the surface features of Mars using their significantly weaker telescopes of the era, and grossly misinterpreting their observations for shapes and structures that simply weren’t there. The text labeling was equally mysterious, so I found an interesting little diagram online claiming to be reputible scientific research into just such a device, and I planted a few of its descriptors here. Another example of artistic license: the shapes next to the larger texts at the far left may or may not be hexagonal. It’s hard to tell, but probably not, though they are definitely hollow. Still, there were so many round shapes in the diagram itself, I chose to use this hex style, which is actually fairly common in Movie Era Trek graphics. The style also came in handy in my next image.

akyazi_Nac-1grn-smAkyazi/Arbiter class; warp nacelle- status monitor.

I also cranked out another engineering graphic for the damage & repair station. This one sort of takes the place of at least one graphic on the Enterprise which prominantly features two views of that ship’s secondary hull. Since this ship has no such major feature, I thought the two nacelles, closeup and in sync, would be an effective substitute. I know of several similar cannon versions throughout the Trek franchise. There are also some nice little references to the warp-systems status tests being performed in the background of both The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan.


~ by starstation on December 27, 2012.

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