Permanant Gravity Monitor

Minor graphics update

movie_bridge_033bGravity Control and nacelle status monitors updated.

I got the new graphics in place and replaced that awful stand-in.  There is still one temp serving time up top, but I haven’t decided what to put in its place. On the movie sets it usually appeared as some type of deck schematic. As it stands, it’s not too far off, but it is clearly too large, inflated as it is there.

I also decided to plug in a spot light I had originally chosen to omit, above the damage & repair station directly over the stack monitors. Sadly, I didn’t realize until after rendering that when setting up the UV map for the new gravity graphic, that I failed to fully adjust the other surface settings such as specularity and reflection. I was pretty disappointed when I went to compose the image and realized I couldn’t see the science station reflected in the monitor as in the previous render. 😦 Oh well, maybe next time.


~ by starstation on December 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Permanant Gravity Monitor”

  1. I am building a Jupiter 2 inspired theater and I am looking for someone to make computer generated liftoff from earth. Flying through space planets landing on planets etc.

    I am using 3 led tvs in tandem to use as viewports to give the illusion of actually being on a bridge of a ship flying through space.

    Can you help?


  2. Damn that looks good man. Excellent work.

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