Last Stand

Environmental control goes into place

movie_bridge_034Environmental control next to to communications.

The last standing upright station is now set into place in this test shot with no global illumination.  I was looking forward to testing the graphics on this one, so I cranked it out yesterday at fairly record speed (for me).  But when all was said and done, I only had time for one render, so I went with the non GI version for alacrity.  It’s also not currently lit overhead, but I wondered to myself how often that station is actually manned and wondered if it was really necessary.  Perhaps I’ll try it out fully lit in the next render.  I’ve already noticed some smoothing errors I need to work out, and another one on the communications station I thought I’d previously handled, but I must have simply pasted over that one in post processing and totally forgotten about the fix.  Of course, I still have some graphics to complete and update, but I am very happy with my more recent projects and extremely happy about finally getting to employ some of my older works.  I’ll also want to put in some extra greebles eventually, especially a set above the console there.

This is the last major station before adding in the final station,  weapons & defense, which in itself rather distinctively stands out from all the other roundabout stations.  In the render above, I’ve placed a blank wedge section in its place as a stand in, but it will eventually require quite a bit of alteration compared to any other pie wedge I’ve done so far.  It will both partially cut into and stick out of the wall it inhabits as well as overlapping a majority of the next wedge in the roundabout sequence, which is already in place as the port side foundation for the main view screen.  The large expanded portion that does the overlapping should be fairly simple, but merging it to the carved out portions where the majority of the station’s console rests will be the test.

w&d_station-TMP-TWOKThe variations of the weapons & defense station from The Motion Picture thru The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock.

I’ve also decided to go with the The Wrath of Khan version (and beyond) of that station rather than The Motion Picture version.  As the image above shows (TMP is depicted mostly in the upper half with TWOK and The Search For Spock along the lowest portion), the top of the station’s enclosure originally rose all the way to the underside of the roundabout’s overhang to end abruptly,  whereas the second film cut the entire structure off far short of the overhang into a sort of flattened shelf, sporting additional greebles along its new top and plain sides.  The top greebles were even well lit in TSFS.


~ by starstation on December 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Last Stand”

  1. Truncating the alcove top to a shelf looked more interesting, but the cleaning services must have a heck of time dusting that area of the bridge!

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