Way Off Course…

Wow.  Missed that one by a mile.

nav_crs_corr_2_smThe corrected course correction: “Range” properly replaces “Zenith.”

Since one of the best screen shots I’d used in my research only came in DVD resolution (on the website where I found it), I decided to check up on my own Blu-ray of Star Trek: The Motion Picture .   When I finally broke down and looked at that specific shot on my own copy, I was rather amazed at how deliciously clear the image was, and how crisply easy it was to make out the visible texts.  As it turns out, my interpretation of the term “Zenith” was seriously askew, and was in fact clearly and undeniably “Range.”  Granted it was a bit of a wild/educated guess to start with, as I was pretty sure it was 5 letters and had something to do with navigational measurements (“Nadir” was my second choice, though equally wrong), but it seems I managed to nail “Azimuth” and “Elevation” correctly. 😀  The numbers on the “dial” portion were strangely, not clear and thus, unconfirmed. But given the circular nature of the graph, I saw no reason to alter them. I was also happy to see the astrogator’s polar grid texts with perfect clarity, so I went about planting them in their respective locales.

Astrogator_02_smOn the Blu-Ray, the astrogator’s texts are clear as a bell, and finally lead to this.

The actual numbers weren’t so important to me but their exact format was of a certain interest.  Turns out, it is some form of projective coordinate system emphasizing ratios (blah blah blah).  The term “Quasar 7” and the numerical coordinates “11:22:44” on the lower right hand side were the only grid texts I’d correctly estimated with my fuzzy screen shot references, and even then the colon punctuation had been illegible to me.

movie_bridge_035bSome new details in place.

After correcting and updating the graphics a bit, I finally began putting some of those researched details in their final place for rendering, though I’m still having difficulties with a few particular surface settings.

I’m still having to experiment with the little wedgie pegs mounted to the outer glass surface.  Their overall structure is an approximation at best, and their glowing, emerald-green-like appearance is proving a challenge to replicate.  I’m also not certain if they are self lit or only sublimely refract light from deep within the device (I’m leaning towards the former, even though I can’t figure out how the individual things would be wired as such).

movie_bridge_036aSome surfaces are still experimental.

There are many more features still to go on the astrogator alone, not to mention the helm and navigation stations.  Before I take them on, I’ll need a more in depth study of all the buttons and switches located in the upper left corner of the astrogator, right next to the helm seat.  Directly opposite that, I’m beginning to have an idea of what to put on that corner’s little panel, right next to the navigator’s station.

movie_bridge_037Experimenting with angles and lighting in order to get a better sense of depth.  Not too successful as yet.

After looking at more screen shots, I am only slightly better able to comprehend the graphics depicted there.  It’s definitely glows blue, and appears to be some sort of partially rounded graphic, similar to the outer quarter fragment of some type of polar grid.  It might even have a raised button or switch (which might be the single brightest source of the aforementioned blue glow), but I simply can’t be certain.  Regardless, given the low visibility of that panel in all the films, it will presently require more artistic license on my part in order to put anything in its place.

Akyazi_Ortho_Dorsal-smNew dorsal ortho.

I also finally got my dorsal orthographic of the McCook worked out for use at the damage & repair station as well as environmental control.  It was a bit of a cheat, as I able to utilize outlines from my previously posted engineering systems display already in use at the damage & control station.

Sadly, my computer is starting to show some major problems and beginning to crash more frequently.  I may have to put much of this project on hold until the problem can be addressed or until I have a suitable replacement set up.  😦


~ by starstation on January 22, 2013.

6 Responses to “Way Off Course…”

  1. Excellent!

  2. im a fan of st okudagrams and lcars but to this day this pre-okuda design is special and you bring out all its detail and great style – keep up good work

  3. If you want to quickly add a bit more to it you could put the alarm panel on the sides of the console since you already have them from the other bridge consoles.

    • Yeah, I already have a few items prepared to move in with little or no adjustments. There are only a few standout panels which should’t be too difficult to model as well. The hardest part will be the graphics for the fresh components, which I simply have to dig my heels in and turn out. A little difficult of late with my current computer problems and limited free time. Hopefully this weekend.

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