Missing Piece of the Puzzle…

Brings brain into focus.

tsfshd0163It’s a bloody dome!

I was sick yesterday and stayed home from work.  I went to updating my reference images so I could begin an earnest attempt to knock out a few helm and navigation panels for the conn console.  Well, what do you know?  For my previous efforts on the astrogator, I focused so much on a few close up shots from The Motion Picture, that I neglected to look at too many other shots (of which there aren’t a great number), thinking they wouldn’t be as valuable to me.  I guess when you concentrate on something quite a bit, it just becomes something  you are eventually drawn to.  Turns out, when I went back to look at this shot above from The Search For Spock (for a totally different subject matter),  I took one look at the astrogator, and the confusion it initially drew out of me eventually led me to a state of pure clarity. 🙂

Helm_Nav-refThe darkness of these TMP shots left some (now obvious) major discrepancies a bit less questionable.

With the shadowy nature of my primary reference images (just above), I tended to be less questioning of the complete and apparent misalignment of the green glowing wedges on the upper surface of the astrogator with its underlying tiers.  The TMP images were typically rather dark, so the exact outer boarders could be difficult to ascertain.  I just assumed it was simply a height/distance ratio thing, even though there were some strangely unexplainable shadows and apparent off kilter impressions I was getting even with those shots.  Low and behold, when I looked at that shot from TSFS (top) it all became clear.  There was no way that surface was flat, and the outer surface had to be a DOME.  It’s a minor convexity at best, but it definitely rises above the flat surface that frames that entirely round and open basin at its center.  The wedges, still mounted to what is now clearly a curved structure, tend to look as if they are completely misaligned at specific angles.  It might also explain that peculiar warped appearance of the polar grid that sometimes shows up at particular angles.

tsfshd0150Even the reflected lighting tends to give the curvature away better in these TSFS shots.

I’ll be adjusting my model to match this immediately.  I’ve started on a few basic panel shapes, and added a few transferable items to the console, but I’ve been working on graphics for the helm and navigation station all morning, trying to avoid overtaxing my computer’s processors.  After going to so much trouble trying to explain what I saw in my reference shots, I just had to post this when it finally dawned on me. 😀


~ by starstation on January 26, 2013.

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