Glowing Conn

Helm & navigation maps started

conn_stations_map_smMost of the glowing features required to fill in the bridge’s conn panels.

Began the maps Saturday and this is my progress so far.  There are a number of features not depicted since they are already modeled and won’t require mapping.  Most of the features that will require any UV surfacing are now completed, though there are a few more details left to finish.  I’ve had to pick and choose between colors from some of the three feature films’ slightly differing versions.  

At the helm, my version of the small ship diagrams inside the directional dial indicators (roll, pitch, yaw) will be more akin to the later films with a glowing white line on black backing rather than the inverted version of that from The Motion Picture.  Also, my much larger originals did not reduce well, and the panel itself will have separately modeled round centers, incorporating those original diagrams.

Some of this image’s text may be ignored since I tend to template model those most visible, but I added as much as I could here anyway as referential indicators.  I also need to experiment with some Greek character fonts since they are prominent on several of the panels.  However, some of the current text will indeed come in handy.  The Impulse/Warp systems control slider will have modeled features but I’ll probably rely on its UV map text entirely.  I may end up choosing to model them (or just the largest) though since my primary reference shot from The Wrath of Khan appears to have a slightly different color scheme than The Motion Picture.  The text seems more green in TMP and the slider grooves appear bluer.  Of course I could just alter the colors on the image and create an alternate version.

It seems the 3 toned  grid indicators at the navigator’s station appear to have been flipped sometime during its movie run.  It started off as green/yellow/red from left to right in The Motion Picture, but was reversed by the 2nd film and remained so.  I just happened to use the later version since it was prominent in my chosen reference screen shots.

These oval indicator buttons are slightly larger in scale than the drawing I used as a background layout.  That’s only because I wanted them as clear as possible since they will eventually be mapped into modeled recesses rather than all onto a single flat surface.


~ by starstation on January 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Glowing Conn”

  1. Meine Fresse!! Sieht das Oberhammer geil aus, Alter!!!!!

  2. The panel left of the Warp/Impulse panel is off slightly, it was 3 rows of blue lights and numbers along the top, as seen here:

    • Yeah, took some artistic license there. The layout reference I used was clearly not the same as any screen cap reference I used and I personally hate those big red LED numbers that look like my alarm clock. So, I chose to spread out the grid of blue lights a tiny bit further.

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