Minor Repairs

And Additions

movie_bridge_046eRepaired some geometry and texture errors and added more details.

I had to repair some kooky geometry that was showing up as blatant obfuscation and dark shadowing on a few of the control panels.  Sometimes, when you have a single polygon with too many individual points in its construction, it can manifest these weird ghost like structures at odd random angles, disrupting the appearance of any 3D model, and they must be broken down to prevent this.  I also fixed some texture problems I noticed on the “impulse/warp slider control.”  I initially thought they were just pixel artifacts in the earlier renders until I  decided to actually add the sliders to the main surface and began planning the necessary surface cuts.  Turns out, there was a slight kink in UV assignment of the map itself, so I totally remapped the surface after I modeled the sliders.

The upper control panels were all resorted in distance and position, and some were slightly re-sized and/or re-angled.  The few remaining panels were also finally put into their respective positions.  For the time being, I’ve settled on the helm’s “Thruster Ignition” control from the 2nd and 3rd films, even though I prefer the “Throttle Control” seen in the 1st movie.   In addition to its simplicity, I did this mainly because it is considerably larger at the base and actually has a bit more interesting detail, especially given its text labeling.  I still despise the simple little rod that sticks up out of it however, and I will probably complete an alternate control with the genuine “Throttle Control” in place.  The hand grasp mounted at the throttle’s top however, is a bit more complex and organic, and will take a little longer to research, much less model.

I modeled the round dials and the oval lights/buttons of the “Attitude” display unit as a sort of test, but it is nearly impossible to tell in this render. Eventually, I will want to model all of the oval button lights across the entire conn.

I put in another small oval button control switch to the far right of the navigator’s station, just below the “Navigation Co-ordinates” input panel.  I also refined some inaccurate details on that panel and added more text labeling to its portion of the UV map,  better indicating its “Bearing” functions.

movie_bridge_049Sliders and dials are still a mystery, so they remain sparsely detailed.

And lastly, I finally added the L-shaped control panel on the upper left corner of the astrogator near the helm’s seat.  There are some obvious turn dials down below and what appear to be vertical sliders or switches along the upper section.  I went with sliders here since they appear to stack in a relatively moderate stretch, but I could be way off.  I remain baffled as to what any of those control inputs’ indicated functions are however, as there are very limited close ups of that area.  As a result, I’ve yet to add any labeling text or numeric indicators for those particular features, just some white stripes and markers to help distinguish them more readily.  I’ll have to take a look at my Blu-Ray again to garner even a sliver of detail for that area.  The weird little blue lit graphic on the upper navigator’s side also remains vague and low priority.


~ by starstation on February 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Minor Repairs”

  1. This is just stunning work man. Really really impressive.

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