Reflections on…

Actual reflections

movie_bridge_050bLightwave Layout properly set to reflect.  Duh.

I apparently failed to check a major feature in my radiosity settings when setting up this latest Lightwave Layout scene…

Reflectivity was completely turned off even though a large number of these surfaces are shiny reflective plastics and the like.  Duh.

movie_bridge_051bThe dome nature of the astrogator is now more apparent.

These helm and navigation shots were mostly test shots anyway, and at first I though it was simply the render angle, the limited lighting (2 spotlights), and the fact that I had removed most of the rest of the bridge set to expedite render times.  Still, the astrogator dome was giving me grief,  making me think I had some setting off kilter in the surface editor… and I totally didn’t think to check Layout’s renderosity settings (which I thought I’d taken care of when I set up the scene).

A friend on Scifi-Meshes jokingly indicated I might want to start rendering reflective surfaces soon, and it occurred to me to check the scene itself when I got home from work.  Turns out, the reflectivity box was not even check marked.  Considering I took at least a two week break between render endeavors, it’s possible I thought I was utilizing the same old settings I had on my previous bridge shots, even though I had actually started this scene from scratch for these conn tests.

Oh well, I dropped the ball on this one, but as I suspected the sparse surroundings, camera angle (as well as distance), and overall dim lighting do make it difficult to see a great deal of the reflectivity on most of the flat panel surfaces, but at least the astrogator dome finally has some apparent shape. 😀


~ by starstation on February 20, 2013.

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