Sensor Upgrade

Refinement of the ventral sensor.

ranger_refit_006cRemodeled the the lower sensor/forward torpedo launcher.

I didn’t get to work too much on starships this weekend with some out of town family members visiting, but was able to concentrate yesterday on the lower sensor structure that also houses this ship’s forward torpedo launcher.

ranger_refit_005bSaucer grid lines may be next in queue.

I studied a few downloaded versions, most notably Kevin Riley’s version on his Phobos (since he used it as a stand-in for his earlier WIP images I believe).  I wasn’t unable to totally derive a technique from his model that suited my chamfering needs, but it was very useful as a template in terms of overall scale and dimension (for the side and aft facing light nooks anyway).

I noticed some odd light bleed in the final close up, so that will need to be addressed, and I have a few other smoothing errors to correct. I’ll probably work on some more detailing soon, especially for the torpedo launcher. I modeled those specific details fresh, but I have a host of greebles that could act as filler for the still barren spots.  I’ll probably then start working on some saucer specific details, most importantly the shield grids on the upper and lower surfaces.  Warp nacelle experiments will probably begin after that.  The bridge and aft torpedo launcher, especially as they relate to the raised feature that runs from the bridge area back to the impulse engines, will probably be delayed for a time.


~ by starstation on March 19, 2013.

4 Responses to “Sensor Upgrade”

  1. Lookin’ good!

  2. Question if i may(as my memory isnt what it once was) but these ships usualy operate in squadrons,correct?

    • I don’t know how regular a practice it was fleet wide, but that is certainly how they operated in “The Strider Incident” with a squadron of at least three Rangers involved in that supplement’s storyline. I never played the RPG, but I collected some of the materials. I haven’t looked at them recently either, so I’d have to look it over to be sure of any details.

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