Grids, Lights…

And a few other details.

ranger_refit_013cSteady on course,new details fall into place.

Finally got the saucer’s ventral deflector grid modeled this weekend, so I decided I had to test some spotlight possibilities. Even though texture and lighting are technically worlds away, sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re on the right track.  I also started on the warp nacelles a little ahead of schedule, but it’s just a minor start on some more curved shapes, replacing stand-ins for stand-ins.

ranger_refit_007eUnder saucer deflector grid in place with some running lights active.

In addition to the modeled grid, I added quite a few greeble details to the torpedo launcher area, and added some small phaser banks.

ranger_refit_008bDetails added to the torpedo launcher, and some phaser banks make their debut.

I struck out a few of the new greebles for the launcher on Saturday, but quite a few nice items came from previous projects, and served very nicely here. The phasers were also from an earlier endeavor but I had fun resetting them to appear as single emplacement units.

ranger_refit_009Basic lines for a deflector grid have been stenciled into the dorsal saucer.

A deflector grid has also been stenciled into the dorsal saucer, but I haven’t shifted any geometry for depth yet. I’m thinking I might want to include the maneuvering thrusters in on that act after I start those. I played around with the central ridge’s stand-in a little more, trying to better tailor its size, but it’s still just a woefully sad temporary.  I also added a temporary bridge dome area, using some of my Akayzi class bridge elements for that stand-in.  Looking forward to modeling that for real.

ranger_refit_010Impulse defection crystal details begin to root.

Started adding a few minor details to the impulse deflection crystal area.  They are indeed minor, but I figured I could kick them out in short order and they’d still be useful regardless of the major structures to come and the possible (probable) overhauls that remain.

ranger_refit_011She’s a pudgy little ship that’s finally got some kick.

I’ve come to think I may have overestimated the depth of Kevin Riley’s original saucer, and that mine might be a tad too thick. Granted, I never had accurate drawings or baseline orthographic plans (no profile elevations at any rate) to measure, and guessing height/width ratios can be tricky with perspective imagery. For all I know, it may just be the starship equivalent of “Does this hull make me look fat?” Either way, I’ll have to figure that out a little down the road.


~ by starstation on March 25, 2013.

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  1. Sweet.Looking good!

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