Bridge Dome

Worked on some new bridge details.

ranger_refit_016eNew bridge dome and some experimental, though questionable phaser placements.

ranger_refit_018Aft view of bridge, still needs some details.

I began working on a new, more permanent bridge dome yesterday and added some upper hull phaser banks, though I’m not at all certain of their final placement or configuration. What’s really funny about the bridge dome, is that I waited a good long time to dive into it (I’ve done plenty of bridge interiors recently 😉 ), and when I felt I’d finally studied Kevin Riley’s images enough and decided to take a whack at it yesterday morning, I got a response from the master himself late last night on Scifi-Meshes, including some pretty impressive orthographic views of the ship.  I’d just finished rendering what’s here when I came across his post, and I have to say I did a pretty close job.  His new images reveal a lot clearer details though, so this bridge will have to be refined on the heels of his gracious gift. 😀  There are also many other problems I’ll have to deal with too.  As I’d suspected, the saucer is much too thick and may have to be completely redone.  How I can do that and still maintain the highly detailed work I’ve done on the lower section will be… tricky.  The floodlight/sensor/torp section on the underside is totally dependent on the dimensions of the lower hull (somethings I got right 😉 ), so I’ll have to figure out how to recombine those details.  I’ve already experimented with stretching a copy of the saucer in various ways to better fall into shape, and with some promising results no less, though a new structure must be lathed.  The procedure might also solve a couple of other minor bothersome points that I hadn’t felt were all that important, but will be good to finally dismiss.  It won’t be brain surgery, but tedious nonetheless.

He also offered some advice about phaser placement, right after I’d dubiously placed them where they currently stand.  I was struck at the time of placement by how the seemingly flatter upper hull makes the more traditional placement I’ve attempted somewhat awkward, if not redundant.  He mentioned something about the ship’s original FASA specs and it’s phaser arcs, which here I was already thinking would be a problem in addition to just looking kind of silly.  I’ll probably take some of that advice to heart, but there are so many changes from the original design that I’m not sure FASA stats will factor too much into this beyond the basics.  I’ve thought about going with those single units I placed on the underside, set further out around the more inclined portions of the hull.  That might be useful for the port and starboard sides at least.

ranger_refit_017aSpine refined.

I also tried to better shape the raised “spine” structure which rests under the bridge and flows back to the impulse engine.  The aft torpedo launcher will eventually rest upon the aft section of this spine directly over the impulse assembly.  However, I’m still not happy with it.

ranger_refit_020Aft view with some new lighting.

ranger_refit_022Some unresolved details get a little tweaking.

I chose to add some finishing details to those under-slung cylindrical shapes that manifest forward as fully crafted equipment facing the ship’s bow (which I’ve always associated with a ship’s main navigational deflector/sensor systems).  The aft end of those elements on Kevin Riley’s never appeared fleshed out and were simply left as cut off trunks, so I turned the larger base into an embedded capsule shape and hollowed out the narrower nested one to appear something like an opening venting aftward.  I also finally added some UV maps (my first here on this ship) to the glowing surfaces of the impulse engines impulse.  It’s the same UV impulse glow I’ve used on all ships I’ve started constructing from scratch.  Sadly, it looks a little pale. Hmm. 😦

ranger_refit_021Just some new lighting and a few more details sprinkled here and there.

Added some blinkie formation lights around the hull too (currently unlit), with the red and green versions corresponding to their port and starboard placement respectively.  There is also one on the backside of the bridge now too, which I totally forgot when I was modeling.

~ by starstation on March 31, 2013.

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  1. That looks very good. Well done.

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