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Cont-Refit_GangwaySome descriptive gangway drawings found online a few years back.

Someone on a message board mentioned a particular drawing seen online some time back and this image I found a few years ago immediately came to mind.  It seemed like a possible match, so I said I would post this to see if this was the image in question (I’ve been craving to build this internal  for some years now, but simply haven’t gotten around to it yet).

I do wish I knew who the artist was but I can’t even remember where I came across it.  I have file information indicating it goes back to at least 2003.  I have the originals (all three versions were individual images) and they were all gif format, but I don’t recall if I compiled them into one for convenience sake, or someone else did and posted it as such.  Does anyone know who the original artist is?

~ by starstation on April 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Gangway”

  1. If you paste the originals into they might be able to find it.

    • Thanks. Gave it a whirl, but nothing showed up as yet. Not really pressing at this stage, but nice to know there is a resource out there like that. 🙂

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