Working out the kinks

Gangway-014dFloor breakup begins.

I started breaking up the deck plates and added the bumpy floor mats to the concentric corridors (radial already had them).   I don’t think I’ll add the bump features to the deck lining in and around foyer entry though.  There were just some places on the TMP Enterprise (like the space suit locker room in fact) that just didn’t have the large bumps in their various forms (typically round or diamond patterns).  They did appear to have some texture in places though (kind of ridgy), and how to break up all that flatness and make it look more walked upon is a surface issue for down the line.

I took a stab at making the platform a temporary set-up for docking procedures.  I shortened the platform near the upper stairs and lengthened the whole set down to deck 7.  The stairs have (and have always had) a sizable support structure underneath.  It was under the platform beneath the lowest stair previously, but after lengthening the entire set I moved it back to rise from the large frame than runs along the deck at the base of the partition.   It’s still just as difficult to see through the obscurities blocking it though.

I’ve placed some panels directly beneath the platform section adjacent the inner airlock doors.  They could be covers for storage alcoves, maintenance access compartments, or both.  But if those flat sections that make up the platform and all the frame elements that support were to go into those compartments, the lower stair sets could be maneuvered in front of the airlock.  Then, during standard starship operations, all levels would still be accessible and the corridor itself would not be blocked in any way.  I can now begin thinking about the platform/stair rails in earnest now.  I’ve been thinking about something similar to the rails used in engineering with long cylindrical rods mounted atop relatively light looking support frames.  I suspect I’d only use two instead of four but it’s a start.  I’ll probably have to narrow the platform where it meets up with the stairs so the large staircase can have a more permanent set up.

I’ve also placed some of those corridor monitors in all the corridors.  I failed to place them in the McCook corridor scenes I did earlier (just never got around to it), and I borrowed these hallways from that scene.  But the original model I worked on of generic Starfleet corridors (the basis for all these subsequent works) did indeed have them, so I searched that file out and plundered it for use here.

Gangway-016bAdded angled coffers into the airlock wall faces.

I added the coffers to the diagonal wall surfaces inside the airlock to help break up more blandness.  Now I just need spacesuits.

Gangway-015aNeed to figure out the issue with the transparent windows.

The second time I’ve rendered this angle with the inner airlock doors closed and even with significant changes to the GI settings, the surfaces on the other side are still not revealing all their reflective characteristics.  I’ve only had to figure this scenario out a thousand times, but I always drop the ball on this one.  I can’t remember if it has something to do with the backdrop transparency setting or the number of indirect bounces, but I’ll figure it out.

Gangway-017bSerendipitous error.  Invisible rail reveals details.

I accidentally forgot to reset the render settings for the balcony railing on the left.  Although it was a screw up, it was actually beneficial in revealing some details that large set up would have otherwise blocked.  Including some of those new labels and the most visible portion of the new panels under the platform on the opposite side.  There is something strange about the panels however.  I noticed it in one of the renders above, but didn’t want to investigate it just then.  There appears to be a dark line around the base of the panels where they meet up with the wall behind.  I can’t tell if it is some weird geometry error of if I have accidentally surfaced some portion of the panels incorrectly.  I’ll have to check into it in modeler later.  It almost looks kind of cool, but since it is a mystery that shouldn’t be there,  I want to know more about it.


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