A Few Chamfers

And an extra coffer

Gangway-018bMinor detail updates.

Not much to add this past weekend.  I followed a fellow artist’s advice and tried rounding a few edges here and there (also referred to as chamfer or fillet in some other 3D programs).  Mostly an experimental procedure, I put them in and around the main socket surrounding the airlock’s  inner hatch, as well as the outer edges of those nearby coffers.  I also rounded the outer edges of all the wall and door coffers inside the airlock itself, but I didn’t have time to render anything from it.  There are actually quite a few rounded edges all over the model, but he suggested a few extras because of their closeness to the camera.  Most of the rounded corners already incorporated are more readily apparent as they were intended to be fairly obvious.  However, since these few newly beveled corners I worked on were actually meant to be fairly sharp edges, I went really tight with the curve, so I’m not at all certain one can even tell.  It did force me to make some adjustments to a few wall junctures, so there are some slight set backs here and there, but overall the effect seems less than obvious to me.

The most significant alteration came from the narrow coffer I added into the socket wall where the airlock control box is mounted.  Other minor changes include;  a final few slices of the main floor on deck 7, and some surface setting adjustments to the heavy doors in the background, tightening up their reflective properties so they look less ‘glittery’ at a distance.  Something odd also happened to the turbolift sign on the upper deck right outside the radial corridor.  I must have accidentally moved it or deleted it when I was editing the location of the airlock instruction sign over the control box (due to the new coffer).  They and all other labels are in the same layer, which allows me to disable their “cast shadows” settings with ease, so it’s possible I shifted more than one of them by accident.  Either way, it’s missing from the scene and will have to be corrected.

I am thinking that even though this little, planky, gangway platform has the ability to be disassembled and stowed away when not in service, some ships (or even most) simply might not bother.  I do like having the capacity if it was ever needed though, so I will probably leave it as it currently is.  I now can get to work on some side rails for the stairs and platform.

~ by starstation on May 7, 2013.

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