Aztec goes dorsal and hits nacelles

ranger_refit_044dUpper saucer, pylons, and nacelles begin to get their texture spread.

Decided to create some new Aztec patterns for the upper hull. At present I’ve only completed a single panel’s image (dark pattern on light background), but I’ve loaded it into multiple surfaces which alternate between the larger individual panels. Once I have the others complete (at the very least, one more with light on dark) it will be a simple matter of changing the loaded image in the UV map to get the appropriate contrasts between the alternating Aztec patterns.  I have already inverted the spec maps for one surface however, to help deliver some amount of deviation, but it’s a half-handed maneuver.  The nacelles use some of the same patterns used on the ventral side of the saucer, but I finally created a new pattern for the pylons (though I am not totally satisfied with the results).

ranger_refit_045aSome of the glossiness and specularity settings can be seen from this angle, but they’re either a tad too subtle or the lighting is not optimal (or both).

ranger_refit_047This angle is a little better as the specs are noticeably less subtle. 

ranger_refit_046A newly updated forward angle.

ranger_refit_042bStarted on some underside colors and textures though I’m still steering clear of the greeble invasion.  The curved underbelly, surrounding the impulse crystal, shares the same UV map as the new pylon texture.

ranger_refit_043c2Meh.  What the heck.  Just a subtle update shot.


~ by starstation on June 11, 2013.

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