Specular Test

Examining the shine factor

ranger_refit_048aRamped up the some lighting.

Finished the contrasting Aztec pattern and got it in place.  Figured I would try a few renders to test the veneer of the specular settings.  I ramped up the key light and one of the fill/back lights to try and get a more vibrant sheen from some of the specularity/glossiness settings.  Currently the outer port pylon stills holds the first UV pattern assigned to it (above).  It’s something of a love hate-relationship, as it was mostly achieved by employing a very simple, checkered, UV map (the same one used on the saucer’s rim) and spreading it far and wide across the pylon’s geometry with the repeat function.  I’m actually rather fond of the overall configuration, but it looks a little too uniform and repetitive, like it needs a touch of “random” to break up the monotony.  For the inner sections I created a specific though much smaller pattern, since so much of the pylon’s surface is obscured facing inward.  I tried using that same new pattern (in repeat and mirror mode) on the starboard side’s outer surface, and though it serves adequately,  the pattern doesn’t repeat properly for such a larger surface area.  It looks like I’ll have to take those elements from both sides that appeal to me, and try to crank out a single image map blending those features, all to cover the entire outer surface.  Cranking up the brightness has also revealed even more flaws in the mesh’s geometry and a few texture mismatches, all of which I’ll have to attend to.  The most notable mesh flaw (in my mind) is in the forward section of the nacelles but there are tons of other little areas as well.

ranger_refit_044gHere you can see the starboard pylon’s UV mapping comparatively distinct from the port side. Again,  a love-hate relationship.

ranger_refit_049aGauging the merits of a new forward angle.  This just begs for some saucer rim view ports. 

ranger_refit_050Slightly better angle for the specularity, but looses many underside features obstructed by the saucer.

ranger_refit_047cMore spec testing

Guess I really need to get started on the aft torpedo launcher and shuttle bay doors too.


~ by starstation on June 12, 2013.

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