Some New Curves

And a few minor repairs

ranger_refit_055aThe launcher’s aft casing now curves down to the impulse structure below.

Didn’t have a lot of time to work last night, but I was able to mold the torpedo launcher’s side casings into a more curved base at the aft opening.  I’ll have to concentrate on the little trench indention in the saucer’s central riser this weekend.    Other launcher features will also get their limelight hopefully.  Original builder Kevin Riley also added some interesting little stubs that connected the aft end of the riser to elements of the impulse engine’s frame work, but I am not sure I will be implementing those features.

The first render I did at this close angle revealed tons of little smoothing and light bleed errors, so I had to go back into modeler and start tripling a bunch of polygons I thought were flat  enough to squeak by but which failed miserably.  I also took all the polygons in the nacelles forward side indention and created a fairly simply outline near its border, which helped out with some major smoothing errors I noticed after cranking up the light levels and rendering more from a dorsal angle.

ranger_refit_054aOutlined the border of the nacelle’s forward indention, which helped with some smoothing errors.

~ by starstation on June 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “Some New Curves”

  1. A ton of new fantastic updates…good job!:)

  2. Thanks!

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