Triple Redo

Or… Third times a charm

imp_torp_ranger_refit_056aNew launcher and some UV updates to impulse exhaust and warp nacelle pylons.

I totally redid the aft torpedo launcher (twice) and finally got most of it complete.  I had originally used the torp launcher from Kevin Riley’s Phobos as a sort of guide when I did the very first version.  It was only really helpful from the top profile but it seemed to fit pretty darn well.  It was only after I took a look at his recent orthographic renders that I realized how off my first attempt was.  After my second attempt, I realized it was a tad boxy on the side corners, so I took another swing at it.  After this third take, I’m pretty pleased with the results thus far.

fore-dor-stb_ranger_refit_050aView from a more forward angle.  This is actually the launcher’s second version, but I was still pleased with the results at this moderate distance.

imp_torp-comparThe first launcher attempt in comparison to this last attempt.

There are still some refinements to make, especially in regards to greeble placement and some rough edging, but the bulk of it is in place (the cigar shaped contraption has been especially complicated to me for some reason).  I went ahead with a few of the raised panels and dug out the small trench in its foundational riser over the impulse engines.  I was also able to create a blended UV for the nacelle pylons that I figured I could check with some of these test renders that were geared for the launcher.  An0ther minor alteration was the UV map for the impulse exhaust.  I really like the honeycomb grill pattern I had included, and it is sort of my “standard” impulse map.  However, in order to get the optimal size for the grill I had to map it in a repetitive pattern.  This lead to a repetition of the yellow-orange glow itself which, I must admit, kinda falls in the hokey arena.  So, I went into my original Photoshop source image and re-sized the background.  I see now that I need to reduce it’s diffuse settings or put the UV polygon into a separate layer that does not accept shadow.  I also forgot to mention in the last post,  I added another single phaser bank to the center spine under the impulse engine.  I’m not convinced that is the best place for such an installment, but I wanted to test it out there in that relatively  empty spot.

aft-prt-dor_ranger_refit_054cUV texture updated on the port nacelle pylon. Still pondering the settings. The spec and gloss settings are somewhat difficult to gauge from this angle.

ranger_refit_054dFurther panel refinements.

imp_torp-z_ranger_refit_055cNew UV on the impulse exhaust, and the launcher’s trench is now in place on the spine riser.

aft-dor-stb_ranger_refit_051aStarboard side view, though the pylons here maintain an earlier version of the UV in case I’m want to scrap the new version.

ranger_refit_051bHere it is with the new UV and Spec settings on the bright side.  Hmm. I’m still not sold.


~ by starstation on June 17, 2013.

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